7pm, 3/23/19. $190


This intensive hands-on sourdough bread workshop will be led by Sandeep Gyawali of Miche Bread and is intended for beginner to intermediate home bakers.

Each participant will make 2 very different types of bread from start to finish. First, you will choose from a selection of a half dozen organic heritage grain flours to make a custom multigrain sourdough boule. You’ll get to know each grain’s unique flavor thanks to a tasting of single varietal breads baked by Sandeep for the class. We will be using flours made from einkorn, spelt, rye and various heritage wheats. Sandeep will also discuss some of the advanced multistage techniques he uses to make his breads extra flavorful.

Second, we will make a 100% whole grain European style rye sourdough pan loaf, the process for which is very different than for wheat bread.

Third, James Brown, proprietor of Barton Springs Mill, will show how to make a delicious heirloom corn bread using corn meals and flours milled in house.

All breads will be baked in a commercial steam-injected hearth oven, but we will also demonstrate ways to achieve professional results from your home oven. Everyone will take away 2 loaves of bread that they baked, a custom dough to bake at home the next day, and a sourdough culture.

Sandeep will also talk about his project promoting the use of our local mesquite beans. There will be samples of mesquite products to taste.

Barton Springs Mill is the catalyst for a local grain revolution, and provides fresh stone-milled flours for the community. James will discuss the different grains he carries and the work he’s been doing with Texas farmers to build a local heritage grain economy. You’ll have an opportunity to tour the large stone mill, seed cleaner and hammer mill.

Snacks will be provided throughout, including a selection of single grain varietal breads, mesquite butter, lots of cheese, charcuterie and spreads. All breads are vegan and we will have some vegan spreads as well. We encourage you to BYOB.

*** BSM will be offering a 15% discount on their grains/flours for workshop attendees ***

These are some of the topics we will cover in the class:

• Choose Your Own Dough Adventure: Multiple pathways to extend fermentation to make more flavorful breads that fit into your schedule
• Mixing, fermenting, shaping and baking using tools available for a home baker
• Advanced techniques for making breads of character
• The state of the local grain economy in Central Texas
• The role of native enzymes in dough and how to manipulate them for better bread
• Evaluating a loaf of bread
• Hands on making/baking of a multigrain sourdough boule
• Hands on making/baking of a sourdough rye pan loaf
• Demonstration of making a heirloom corn bread
• Stone milling, roller milling, hammer milling and milling your own flour at home
• Heritage local grains vs. commodity grains and how they relate to baking performance
• Our native food: mesquite beans

If you have specific questions/topics you’d like us to address, feel free to email us beforehand and we’ll bring it up during class.

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Delicioso Polenta

Blew my mind. Earthy, rich, almost nutty. Complex in-and-of-itself. Added a little butter, a little parm and romano. Paired with a red-wine rich, slow-cooked stracotta. But forget the rich beef. Everyone talked about the Oaxacan Green Corn Polenta.

Yecora Rojo
Great texture

Great addition to Country Boule!

Haven't taken the class yet. It's next month on Oct 23. Will be happy to fill out a survey then.

Fantastic all purpose flour!

I was a little concerned, since I normally buy standard organic baking flour from the grocery store, but this stuff is fantastic! I made the most wonderfully flaky biscuits and can't wait to get into more recipes.

Yecora Rojo
David Jensen
Amazing taste, and awesome to work with!

Very good experience!