How To: Troubleshoot Your Starter (with video!)

Starter not feeling so "easy" anymore?

Doubting your starter?

Worried it isn't active enough?

Don't fret! It's quite hard to kill a starter. It will take a few weeks to get fully established. Below, BSM Owner James Brown lends a helping hand and addresses these common sourdough starter conundrums:

Help! I don't see any activity...

Help! My starter seems too thick...

How soon should I feed my starter?

Help! I don't like to discard, it feels wasteful...

What flour should I feed with?

How does the miller maintain his starter?

What do you do if you don't bake so often or want to go on vacation? See how to hibernate your starter here.

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Delicioso Polenta

Blew my mind. Earthy, rich, almost nutty. Complex in-and-of-itself. Added a little butter, a little parm and romano. Paired with a red-wine rich, slow-cooked stracotta. But forget the rich beef. Everyone talked about the Oaxacan Green Corn Polenta.

Yecora Rojo
Great texture

Great addition to Country Boule!

Haven't taken the class yet. It's next month on Oct 23. Will be happy to fill out a survey then.

Fantastic all purpose flour!

I was a little concerned, since I normally buy standard organic baking flour from the grocery store, but this stuff is fantastic! I made the most wonderfully flaky biscuits and can't wait to get into more recipes.

Yecora Rojo
David Jensen
Amazing taste, and awesome to work with!

Very good experience!