Mancan Buckwheat

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  • Grown by: Samuel and Charles Stodden, Trilla, IL.
    Mancan is a mid-season buckwheat that was developed at the Agriculture Canada Research Station, Morden, Manitoba in 1973. It has a seed size 26% larger than the standard Tokyo variety.

    We mill the whole buckwheat with the hull on, and then sift to remove approximately 85% of the crushed hull material. What remains is a lightly speckled flour that retains the flavor and complexity of the hull without any gritty texture. 

    Note: Whole Buckwheat kernels are not groats. Kernel hull will be fully intact (sold exactly as pictured above).

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    Buckwheat Pancakes

    BSM Buckwheat flour makes great pancakes!

    One step closer to getting to know your farmer

    BSM has provided us, the consumer, with closer access to our food source. Although the Mancan Buckwheat came from IL, they have options to purchase grains in our very own backyard of TX. The purchasing process was straightforward and user-friendly. Whatever questions I had were answered in a timely fashion. The product itself is grown sustainably, freshly milled (or whole, if you prefer). BSM is a diamond in the rough and a business I plan on returning to time and time again when I need stocking up.