Oaxacan Green Corn Kernels and Cornmeal

  • Available types: Whole Kernel, Cornmeal, Grits, Polenta
  • Grown by: Henry Martens in Tokio, TX, and Leo and Zach Thrasher in San Jon, NM, and Amarillo, TX
  • Flavor profile: complex nutty and earthy aromas
  • Good for: nixtamal, grits, cornmeal

Oaxacan Green corn is a centuries-old variety that is a favorite of the Zapotec peoples, utilized in their green tamales and tortillas.

This dent variety exhibits complex nutty, earthy flavors and aromas, and is high in starch, making it ideal for nixtamal, grits, and cornmeal.

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    Ruth H

    High quality kernels with a satisfying nutty flavor. Do a hot soak before you cook.

    Reid Nelson
    The green cornmeal is AMAZING!!

    I made cornbread as soon as I received my package and fell in love with the Oaxacan corn immediately. The color was amazing, and the flavor very full and very pleasing. I love it!

    Frances K
    Green Cornmill

    Love the green corn mill. Made cornbread with it. Some of the best cornbread I've ever had. Havent had time to fix the grits yet. Sure they will be just as delicious.

    Karl H.
    Green corn + green chile = great posole

    I love posole, so I was curious to try a green chile pork version using Oaxacan green corn kernels. The kernels are smaller than the yellow hominy corn I have used before, but the flavor is bigger. With fresh roasted New Mexico green chile, the posole turned out great. A note about customer service: I ordered a bag of blue cornmeal and a bag of green corn kernels, but received both as cornmeal. When I let the folks at Barton Springs Mill know, they sent a bag of green corn kernels at no charge. Thanks!

    Mark Schmidt
    great service

    It was a pleasure dealing with this company as a retail consumer, I plan to use Barton Springs Mill as a commercial customer.

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    Delicioso Polenta

    Blew my mind. Earthy, rich, almost nutty. Complex in-and-of-itself. Added a little butter, a little parm and romano. Paired with a red-wine rich, slow-cooked stracotta. But forget the rich beef. Everyone talked about the Oaxacan Green Corn Polenta.

    Yecora Rojo
    Great texture

    Great addition to Country Boule!

    Haven't taken the class yet. It's next month on Oct 23. Will be happy to fill out a survey then.

    Fantastic all purpose flour!

    I was a little concerned, since I normally buy standard organic baking flour from the grocery store, but this stuff is fantastic! I made the most wonderfully flaky biscuits and can't wait to get into more recipes.

    Yecora Rojo
    David Jensen
    Amazing taste, and awesome to work with!

    Very good experience!