Bloody Butcher Red Corn Grits & Polenta

  • Available types: Whole Kernel, Cornmeal, Grits, Polenta
  • Grown by: Jim Richardson in Rockdale, TX
  • Flavor profile: earthy notes
Bloody Butcher is a deep red to burgundy colored dent corn, developed in Virginia in 1845. Bursting with corn flavor, this variety is ideal for cornmeal and grits.

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    Kathleen McGowan

    I don’t know yet! I’m still trying to figure out how to use it!

    Alan Schwaber
    Best Grits Ever…and I am a Georgia Boy

    Like everyone, I grew up on the flavorless instant grits or for a splurg, Some fancy stone ground.

    Butcher Bloody Red takes grits to the next level. I can’t wait to try the green and the blue.

    martin rudnick
    Good grits

    I am a big fan of grits and I really like the ability to try a different corn source than what I am used to. I am learning how to best cook them so my only critique this far is that I did not find any recommended cooking instructions on the packaging. Insight into that may have helped since I am having better results when having a greater liquid to grits ratio

    Nancy Robichaux
    Best grits ever!

    We grew up eating grits. Met up with our kids who now live in California and they asked for two things, grits and tortillas

    Donna Szymanski
    delicious red grits

    Deep, full flavor, almost nutty... a true cut above standard white or yellow grits

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    3492 reviews
    Great taste

    Makes great tasting cornbread . It helps so much in cooking to use the best ingredients and Barton Springs Mill has the best i ever tasted . Ground fresh makes the difference for sure . Try it you will love it .

    Bread Flours Bundle
    Grandma Vickie
    Great flour, great recipes

    The chocolate cake recipe produced some of the best tasting cupcakes I have ever made (in the past 50 years of baking). The crumb & moisture were perfect. The rye bread & sandwich loaves turned out beautifully. The sour dough starter became activated within a few hours! Unfortunately my technical skills & patience didn’t do your flour justice. I’m looking forward to trying more of your recipes & more of your amazing flours. Thank you!

    Awesome bread !

    I am making delicious bread with your flour !

    Grain Tasting - Pancake Sampler

    Yvette in California
    Try Adding Quanah to your Sourdough

    One of my sourdough baking friends made a loaf with Barton Springs' Quanah added. It was perhaps one of *the* most delightful and delicious loaves of sourdough I have eaten, both from home baked goods to professional bakers. I wanted to bring this goodness into our own home, so I ordered a bag. It felt good to know I was supporting Barton's mission with the grain preservation and continuity. But let me tell you - the quality of the quanah flour was gorgeous! So fresh, and for my recipe, which calls for 455 grams of flour, I used 100 grams of quanah with the rest being bread flour. It was sooo delicious, and will likely be a regular part of our hearth. The quality of the crumb, the quality of the taste, it really has been a joy!