Oaxacan Green Corn Kernels and Cornmeal

  • Available types: Whole Kernel, Cornmeal, Grits, Polenta
  • Grown by: Henry Martens in Tokio, TX, and Leo and Zach Thrasher in San Jon, NM, and Amarillo, TX
  • Flavor profile: complex nutty and earthy aromas
  • Good for: nixtamal, grits, cornmeal

Oaxacan Green corn is a centuries-old variety that is a favorite of the Zapotec peoples, utilized in their green tamales and tortillas.

This dent variety exhibits complex nutty, earthy flavors and aromas, and is high in starch, making it ideal for nixtamal, grits, and cornmeal.

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    Great quality, A-Maiz-ing Corn!

    The price was great for the corn I had purchased. I love how the product came in paper bags, more eco-friendly. The product shipped quickly as well. Will definitely order from Barton MIlls in the future.


    I couldn't be happier with the taste, texture and healthiness of Oaxacan Cornmeal. Without using any flour it makes moist, flavorful cornbread that everyone who's tried it loves. I appreciate that it is organic and heirloom, all the better for good heath and super nutrition.

    Great Tasting

    Love this cornmeal for cornbread. Super hearty and wonderful flavor. Will purchase again

    Green cornmeal

    I used this instead of my usual stone ground yellow corn meal in my southern recipe buttermilk cornbread. I was raised on cornbread and have been making it for myself since leaving home. The green cornmeal adds a nuance the yellow is lacking. I plan on using the bloody butcher in my next pone.

    Robust stuff!

    You really know you're eating corn bread when you use Oaxacan Green. I used my traditional cornbread recipe using this cornmeal, all-purpose flour, sugar, salt, baking powder, eggs, milk, melted butter and Crisco just to see how it compares to yellow cornmeal from the store. This Oaxacan Green cornmeal doesn't disappear into the batter, but stands out in the bread, announcing "I am here!" The texture is heavier, denser, and more substantial than regular cornmeal, and it took a bit longer to bake. It is quite filling too -- not so much an accompaniment to a meal but a meal itself. . One piece was lunch! I think this cornmeal was not ground to dust, like most cornmeal, so it holds its flavor, texture, and personality much more. Great stuff! And something different! There will be no boring corn breads in this house from now on.

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    Rye Flour

    Love the flour and the super timely delivery. Hope to visit soon. Please keep up the great work.

    I love it!

    The taste is great! Perfect texture and flavor for my tortillas. I think I'm hooked!

    Love this flour!

    I am using it in my sourdough loaves. I love the sweet undertones.

    TAM 105
    Great for hot cross buns

    I bought TAM 105 to make hot cross buns. The enriched dough rose very well - first rising for about 3 hours, kneaded in mixed peel and diced apple for the second rise, formed the buns and let rise a third time. They are beautifully soft, tender and delicious.

    Bloody Butcher Red Cornmeal

    This cornmeal has the absolute best flavor. Rather you make cornbread or using it to fry fish its hands down delicious!