Charleston Gold Rice

  • Grown by: David Kirkham and Donald Wilcox in Anahuac, TX

Charleston Gold, a short-stalked aromatic descendent of America‟s most historic rice, Carolina Gold, was approved for release by the Texas Department of Agriculture on February 11, 2011. Bred by Merle Shepard of the Clemson University, Coastal Research and Education Center in Charleston, SC and Gurdev S. Khush, the former Head, Plant Breeding, Genetics and Biochemistry Division of the International Rice Research Institute, in the Philippines, Charleston Gold retains the distinctive gold hull and wholesome mouth feel of its famous ancestor. A further enhancement came from crossing with a short stalked fragrant breeding line, giving Carolina Gold an aroma for the first time. Shepard and Khush developed Charleston Gold using the time-honored pedigree breeding method—the method employed by horticulturists in the era before gene-insertion—to make improvements on the classic grain. ~ David S. Shields, Carolina Gold Rice Foundation

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