BSM Holiday Flour List & Recipes

Thanksgiving will be here before we know it! You must order by 11/18 to get your flour in-time!! 

If you’re looking forward to cooking in your kitchen for loved ones (covid-safe, of course), let us guide you to the right flour for the job!!


1. Flour for the perfect pie crust

Making a pie crust to remember?


2. Flour for the rolls they'll sing about, with a recipe that writes the chorus.

How about mouth-watering, fluffy, dinner rolls?


3. Cornmeal and recipes for cornbread like no other.

Wanna bake the best cornbread your mother-in-law has ever tasted? 🌽


4. What flour for cinnamon rolls, though?

Only use this if you're ready to wake up the kids with the smell of melt-in-your-mouth cinnamon rolls.

5. What flour for sourdough with beautiful crumb and crust?

For all those turkey sandwiches in your future...

 6. And don't forget the banana bread!

Or go all out on fall with a pumpkin bread...
  • ...with Sonora in 00 or WW
  • with a touch of nutritious ancient Einkorn

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TAM 105
Becoming our go-to bread flour

We have used BSM TAM105 flour now for a couple of months and it is slowly becoming our go-to bread flour. It takes a little to adopt to using freshly milled flour, but it turns into wonderful sourdough breads either by itself or in combination with BSM whole wheat flour.

Delicious taste

I tried it with the freshly ground Einkorn, the bread was delicious. the proportion was 50% Einkorn and 50% unbleached white bread flour. I am very happy with your product. Thank you!!!

New Age Biscuits

After requesting and being denied the details on blended Marquis/Sonora biscuit flour mix I blended my own mix and made the best biscuits I have ever had. I will definitely be in the market for more flour.

No Cooking Instructions

I bought a bag of yellow grits from Whole Foods excited to support local and was quickly sorry I did. This morning I decided to make the grits only to find absolutely no cooking instructions anywhere on the bag. >:-| Jumping to the website I made a call and went through loop after loop never able to reach a live person. Taking to the website again to see if there are instructions somewhere, I did find instructions but for the white grits/polenta. Giving it a go. But suffice it to say these grits are going to taste like anger and frustration. Please, for the love of all things holy, print some stickers with instructions and slap them on the bags!