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We are reaching out to our wholesale customers throughout Texas and asking that y’all collaborate with Barton Springs Mill to support #BakersAgainstRacism. This is a worldwide virtual bake sale, occurring on June 20th.  We fully support the initiative, and want to contribute, but we needed more time to do so. With the original organizers’ blessing, we have decided to propel the momentum, and hold another event on July 11th, specific to Texas bakers!
Barton Springs Mill will be donating
to y’all, so you may hold your own individual virtual bake sales on July 11th!
By accepting a flour donation from BSM, you must agree to donate 100% of your virtual bake sale profits to the movement.  As a business, you may choose any organization that contributes to putting an end to racism, and the unjust treatment of Black people in America. It is our hope that this collaborative effort will assist in funneling donation profits to as many community organizations across Texas as possible, while maximizing local financial support to the movement.
Sounds dope, right? 
Want to participate? 
Here’s the breakdown:
  • Flour Choices for #TexanBakersAgainstRacism Donation:
    • All-Purpose ‘Standard’ Red Blend
    • Rouge de Bordeaux – Whole Wheat only
    • Yecora Rojo - Whole Wheat or ‘00’ flour
  • Place your order by emailing Wholesale Accounts: sales@bartonspringsmill.com
  • Identify the organization(s) you’ll be donating bake sale profits to at the time of your order!
  • Order Due Dates & Delivery Schedule:
    • Austin/Hill Country/San Antonio Area:
      • Orders due June 28th
      • Delivery on July 2nd
    • Dallas/Fort Worth/Waco/North Texas
      • Orders due June 28th
      • Delivery on July 1st
    • Houston
      • Orders due June 21st
      • Delivery on June 24th
  • Host a virtual bake sale using #TexasBakersAgainstRacism & #BakersAgainstRacism on July 11th
    • Announce pre-sale ordering for your goods will be live on July 6th
      • Use an ordering platform of your choosing
      • Pick one or more items to bake and sell
    • Announce virtual bake sale date is on July 11th
      • Allow your customers options for safe and socially distant pickups on this day, please. 
  • Promote the virtual Bake Sale on July 11th to help us raise awareness!


Have more questions on how to get started?
Contact: txbakersagainstracism@gmail.com

BSM Reviews

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2853 reviews
Ruby Lee
Tastiest Flour for Bread

My family and I had a bread tasting at home with different flours from the mill. Ruby Lee came out on top with Yecora Rojo as a near tie.

Rouge de Bordeaux Great in Sourdough Bread

I added some Rouge de Bordeaux whole wheat to the most recent sourdough bread I made. It was DELICIOUS! Superb results.

Mancan Buckwheat
In the Refer

I haven’t used this flour yet…in storage [temporarily]. I will make a batch of buckwheat waffles with thick-cut oats added on top while cooking, eat a couple of squares and freeze the balance for another day [not to far off]. Also going to make some noodles…Can’t wait to taste the rich taste of this grain.


Beautiful, creamy grits with little flecks of red...
Great flavor!! Thank you all so much!!!