Ancient Grain Blend


Our newest blend addition is a combination of Einkorn, Emmer and Spelt; all milled and sifted to ‘00.’ The result is a silky, luxurious flour packed full of nutrients with a unique flavor that is kind to the digestive system.

Very Limited Quantities! Expect this product to come in and out of stock.

Best Uses: Cookies, Flatbreads, Muffins and Pancakes

Einkorn- possesses a higher percentage of protein than modern red wheats, and is considered more nutritious because it has higher levels of fat, phosphorus, potassium, pyridoxine and beta-carotene.
Emmer - exhibits antioxidant properties and can be a great source of protein
Spelt - contains more proteins, fats and crude fiber than wheat and has large amounts of Vitamin B17.

Sourdough Disclaimer: when adding this blend to sourdough recipes we recommend using no more than 30% of your total flour weight. Higher percentages will be more challenging to create a lofty, open crumb structure.

Customer Reviews

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Sherree Moore

Excellent flour. Im adding it to my sourdough line and people love the depth of flavor.

Patricia Ballentine
Ancient grains are a hit!

Today was my first time using this flour in both pancakes and sourdough olive oil crackers. Fabulous! Nice, unique flavor and great choice for trying a different flour for crackers. The pancakes were lovely and filling but not heavy. So excited to have this flour in my pantry.

Patti U
Great grains!

Love the way the grains taste and are easy to bake with

Arren C.

This was my first time using the Ancient Grains Blend and I'm in love. It's a beautiful blend of grains from long ago that have a very complex nutty flavor. I'll be honest, I'm still tinkering around with it, trying to find the right recipes and ratios but this stuff is ON POINT and I will buy again.

Michelle Sporer Hunt
Love, Love, Love This Blend

Really love the nutritional benefits of this grain blend. Used in chocolate chip oatmeal cookies in place of some of the AP and in banana bread in place of about half of the Purple Straw whole wheat flour (also an excellent product). Delicious results in both cases and more importantly, neither the kids nor husband noticed. Success!

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Tyler Becker
Great flavour!

Makes great flour! Used it in sourdough pancakes. Has a mild, sweet flavour.

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Peter Shaginaw
Carolina Gold Rice

I am pleased that Barton Springs Mill still supplies this traditional regional rice. Once a common staple, this rice is hard to find in specialty restaurants let alone grocery stores. Thanks for keeping this product readily available for those of us who love the taste of down- home Southern cooking.

Great All purpose flour

Great taste very wholesome flour

My class is scheduled for June 18

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Jeanine Naker
Beautiful Color

Have not used yet, but is beautiful colors and smells amazing.