Big Country Flour (certified organic)

Big Country has been discontinued as of September, 2023. Sock is very limited. Please keep an eye out for our new Hard White Wheat offering later this year. 

Big Country is our very first Hard White Wheat! We can't wait for you to try it. With a unique blond hue, this mild wheat is perfect for achieving a "white whole wheat."

  • Class: Hard White Winter Wheat
  • Grown in:Alva, OK by Farmer Bob Baker 
  • This is a Modern grain.  Learn more.
  • Available types: Whole Berry, Whole Wheat Flour, ‘00’ Flour  What is ’00’?
  • Protein: 10.9%
  • Flavor profile:Buttery Classic Mild Wheat
  • We love it in: Breads, Brownies, Cookies, Croissants, Crackers, Pizza, Pretzels, Yeasted Rolls
Remember! You don’t need a special recipeyou can use stone-milled flours in any recipe. If you find the outcome a bit dry, don't be afraid to increase the liquid in your recipe. Our flours are thirsty!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 17 reviews

    Not only does Big Country have a distinctively delicious flavor, but also a wonderful rise in the bread machine.

    Kat Safris
    Big Country Flour bread

    I made my first loaf with Big Country Flour. We really loved it. I excited to try different recipes with this flour.

    Paul McHorse
    Best for everything

    Great products with unmatched flavor for all baking needs. Personal care and great customer service is an added bonus with Barton Springs Mill.

    My new fav for sourdough pizza

    After using Yecoro Rojo for a couple years I’ve been using Butler’s Gold for a few weeks now and couldn’t be happier with it. I make a modified Neapolitan style dough around 78% hydration / 48 to 72hr cold ferment and it performs incredibly well. Super forgiving with great taste and texture. Planning to sub 10% with Big Country WW next round.

    Reed Anderson
    Great flour

    You rarely if ever think about terroir in flour. Albeit my first time using this varietal, I get notes of chocolate and mineral. Very strong flour that has blended well with my other base flours. Really happy!