Bread Flours Bundle

Wondering which flours to use for bread? Want to start experimenting with your ratio of Whole Wheat to '00'? 

This selection of locally grown flours is the perfect place to start. Each with their own unique flavor and texture, you'll find your favorite combo in no time.

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Each Bread Bundle includes:

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Customer Reviews

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Helen Cloherty
Rouge de bordeaux Rocks

We loved the rouge de bordeaux. Made a lovely loaf of bread. Beautiful texture, crisp and light!

Carol J Peters
Don't know--Have not baked anything yet.

I still am trying to make sourdough starter.
Also, can I make a sourdough bread without bread flour? Can I just use whole wheat or rye flour?

george abraham
Great products

excellent for baking love the products

June Valora
Prep'er and Tam 105

I made my first loaf of "prep'er" bread three days ago. Instead of water and such, it uses canned milk and egg. It turned out so light and fluffy. Stored it in a plastic bag (I didn't have anything else) and it is still good today. I am thinking it would be really great with cinnamon and raisins but I want to try the other flours, first. Nice not having the preservatives!!

John Potts
Great service and product

I stumbled upon Barton Springs Mill on the Internet after following some links about flour on a food email. I was drawn in reading about their different flours, so decided to try the "bread bundle" since I have just recently begun trying my hand at baking bread. I was particularly curious about the Rouge de Bordeaux, so I substituted it for half the bread flour called for in the recipe I've been working with. It made a wonderful loaf with a great boost in flavor thanks to the Rouge. I look forward to experimenting with the other flours in the bundle. Also, the service was great. Very prompt with the order arriving sooner than estimated. Thanks BSM!

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Tyler Becker
Great flavour!

Makes great flour! Used it in sourdough pancakes. Has a mild, sweet flavour.

Carolina Gold Rice
Peter Shaginaw
Carolina Gold Rice

I am pleased that Barton Springs Mill still supplies this traditional regional rice. Once a common staple, this rice is hard to find in specialty restaurants let alone grocery stores. Thanks for keeping this product readily available for those of us who love the taste of down- home Southern cooking.

Great All purpose flour

Great taste very wholesome flour

My class is scheduled for June 18

Stone Ground Cornmeal
Jeanine Naker
Beautiful Color

Have not used yet, but is beautiful colors and smells amazing.