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What Kind of Wheat Should I Use? (with video)

What Kind of Wheat Should I Use? (with video)

How to have wild success in your home baking by starting with the right type of flour for whatever it is you're baking. This video with transcript helps you choose between hard wheats and soft wheats, and then strains - for delicious, beautiful baking results.

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sweet shirt, love it!

Really really loved the Bloody Butcher

Very flavorful and a beautiful color. Definitely on the buy again list

Valerie Anderson
Happy in Port Aransas

Shipping was fast. Love the products so far. Sent two of the three polenta and one flour to my daughter in Portland, Or. being a Texas girl she was happy to receive the goodies. Thank you for what you do.

Rouge de Bordeaux
Fredna Manney
Great biscuits

We hat a difference a flour made! The all purpose flour is wonderful in biscuits and Italian flat bread. The whole wheat made a fabulous pizza dough ….wow! Who knew?

Love it

I have used this flour for several different kinds of breads and cakes, and everything always turns out wonderfully.