Stone Ground Cornmeal


Welcome to our rainbow of cornmeal! You truly can't beat stone-ground corn.

We love it in: Cornbread, Cornmeal Pancakes, Pie and Quiche Crust, Crusted Fish, Sweet Cornmeal Pies and Cakes.

Try any cornmeal color in our RECIPES:

Scroll down to see the flavor profile of each cornmeal. All of our corn is always non-GMO.

Bloody Butcher Red

Bloody Butcher is a deep red to burgundy colored dent corn, developed in Virginia in 1845. It lends a very muted burgundy hue when cooked or baked.
  • Grown in:New Braunfels, TX by Kameron Koepp
  • This is Heirloom corn.
  • Available types: Whole Kernel, Cornmeal, Grits, Polenta
  • Flavor profile: Earthy notes infused with classic corn flavor

Oaxacan Green

Oaxacan Green corn is a centuries-old variety that is a favorite of the Zapotec peoples, utilized in their green tamales and tortillas.This dent variety exhibits complex nutty, earthy flavors and aromas, and is high in starch. It lends a subtle yellow-green hue when cooked or baked.
  • Grown in:Amarillo, TX & San Jon, NM by Farmers Leo and Zach Thrasher
  • This is Heirloom corn.
  • Available types: Whole Kernel, Cornmeal, Grits, Polenta
  • Flavor profile: Earthy and complex - our most unique corn flavor

Hopi Blue

Precursors of this strain of flint corn have been raised continuously for 800 years on the mesas of northern Arizona. Hopi Blue Corn was used by the Hopis to make ceremonial Piki Bread.It lends a bright and bold blue-purple hue when cooked or baked.
  • Grown in:Rockdale, TX by Farmer Jim Richardson
  • This is Heirloom corn.


Good, old-fashioned yellow corn. This open-pollinated corn is a staple in any kitchen. Golden yellow and bursting with the flavor of sweet corn.
  • Grown in:Amarillo, TX & San Jon, NM by Farmers Leo and Zach Thrasher
  • This is Open-Pollinated corn.


A neutral, snowy white corn for all of your baking needs! Perfect when you don't want to affect the natural color of your creations.
  • Grown in:Amarillo, TX & San Jon, NM by Farmers Leo and Zach Thrasher
Remember!You don’t need a special recipe… you can use any color of our stone-milled cornmeal in any recipe that calls for cornmeal. All of our corn is non-GMO.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 16 reviews
    Elena Molina

    Stone Ground Cornmeal

    Makes Amazing Polenta

    This makes a amazing, comforting bowl of polenta. All it needs is a pinch of salt and a pat of butter and then you can dive into a warm bowl of corny goodness. Will definitely purchase more in the future!

    Connie Dvorscak
    Corn meal

    Barton Springs yellow corn meal makes the best cornbread muffins and cornbread sticks. Absolutely delicious!

    Gena Kearse
    Nice surprise

    The Bloody Butcher corn meal I purchased arrived neatly packaged and ready to use. It mixed well with my corn bread recipe and it turned out smooth, rich texture and delicious. I'd definitely buy it again.

    Ruth Orr

    Excellent product. The cornbread I recently made with the white cornmeal was well received by my family and they committed on much better they liked the cornbread made with the Barton Springs Mill cornmeal versus a store bought cornmeal

    BSM Reviews

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    3909 reviews

    This flour make very good pancakes and buscuits.

    Good Sourdough bread

    Tam 105 makes a good sourdough loaf, but I still prefer Ruby Lee which is not available.

    Yecora Rojo Flour
    Jim Boyd
    Yecora Rojo Sourdough

    Combined with Einkorn Whole Grain flour for sourdough loaf. Combined flours had a very nice nutty flavor and great crust. Much different than with regular whole wheat. Would recommend it.

    Stone Ground Polenta
    frank rosinia

    Love this Polenta a coarse full flavor. Be patient when cooking, not to be rushed, but worth the time and effort.

    Danko Rye Berries
    Michael Winkelmann
    Traditional European rye

    Nutty and robust