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How to: Cook our Grits & Polenta

How to: Cook our Grits & Polenta

With tips and tricks to help you choose the right corn for you!

Scroll down for the link to Rachael Ray's recipe with our very own Grits.

How to: Easily Make Your Own Sourdough Starter (with video!)

How to: Easily Make Your Own Sourdough Starter (with video!)

You can make your own sourdough starter at home, and we're here to help make it easy.

We put together this quick video and also included a transcript for those who prefer to read that.

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2831 reviews

The flour is incredible! The bread we’ve baked was delicious and testy!

Excellent for sourdough!

I’ve been using this for sourdough pizza crusts and they turn out awesome!

Rouge de Bordeaux

New pizza staple

I'll never be able to make pizza without this flour ever again. It was so easy to work with, and there were more subtle flavors than I even knew what to do with. I found myself using fewer toppings so I could taste the dough more (and up until now pizza dough was just a vehicle for toppings).

Yecora Rojo
Yecora Rojo

Beautiful flour. Made delicious sourdough. Tried the 00 think I’ll try regular next time for a heartier bread. Looking forward to trying other flours