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What’s the difference between Whole Berries, Whole Wheat, 85% Extraction, and ‘00’?

Whole Berries - What does Whole Berry (WB) mean?

What is Whole Wheat (WW)?

What does Extraction mean?

Do I Need 85% Extraction?

What is '00' and what is it for?

Grain Varieties

What’s the difference between ancient grains, landrace grains, modern varieties?

How are stone milled flours different from roller-milled?

What’s the difference between grits and polenta?

There are so many options of grains! Which one(s) should I use?


What does protein % mean?

What’s a falling number?

What is AP? What's the difference between our regular AP flour and Premium AP flour?

Cooking With BSM Products

Which flour should I use?

Do I have to do anything differently with your flours?

What should I use for bread flour?

How do I cook BSM grits or polenta?

Storing Grains & Flours

How should I store my flour or corn?

What is the shelf life of BSM products?

How can I tell when my flour or cornmeal has gone bad?

Chemicals, Organics, & Non-GMO

Are BSM products organic?

Are BSM products non-GMO?


Do you have gluten-free products?

Customer Service, Shipping, Returns

When will I receive my order?

What is your return policy?

Events, Mill Tours, & Classes

Do you give tours?

BSM Reviews

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3351 reviews
Excellent flavor

It ended up making the best cornbread I’ve ever made. The flavor had so much depth and real corn flavor.

Rouge de Bordeaux
Elizabeth Walker
Fast delivery; excellent quality

Very pleased with my first purchase

Sally Berneathy
Fabulous flour

I have long been famous for making the best chocolate chip cookies, but since I started using Sonora flour, they are even better. People are asking for my secret ingredient. This flour doesn't change the flavor but makes it richer.

Rouge de Bordeaux
Barbara Motley

It was a gift and my baking friend was thrilled!

Eve Chenu
Excellent flour

I use this flour in any recipe that calls for white whole wheat flour, such as crackers and quick breads.