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Marquis a cross between Red Fife and Red Calcutta, developed in Canada in 1906. It accounted for 11 million acres of wheat grown in the U.S. by 1919.

This hard red wheat has a similar flavor profile to Red Fife, but milder, and makes a stronger and most extensible dough. Learn more about it in this video.

  • Class: Hard Red Winter Wheat
  • Grown in: Tokio, TX by Henry Martens
  • This is a Landrace, Heritage grain.  Learn more.
  • Available types: Whole Wheat Flour, ‘00’ Flour  What is ’00’?
  • Protein: 13.03%
  • Flavor profile: Nutty, non-bitter & very mild wheat flavor
  • We love it in: Artisan Hearth Breads, Brownies, Cookies, Croissants, Crackers, Pizza, Pretzels, Yeasted Rolls and Breads

Remember! You don’t need a special recipeyou can use stone-milled flours in any recipe. If you find the outcome a bit dry, don't be afraid to increase the liquid in your recipe. Our flours are thirsty!

    Customer Reviews

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    Lynne Whitaker
    Love all your flours.


    Cooky Oberg
    delicious and reliable

    I got excellent results with this flour using 1/2 and 1/2 with King Arthur Bread Flour in my 30 year old bread machine. It rose reliably, made great tasting bread, and was a good keeper -- kept its flavor and freshness for 5 days, until we finished the loaf. Marquis is going to be a regular use flour for us, and I think it's safe to do 100% Marquis instead of 1/2 and 1/2 next time.

    Terry Stevend


    Thomas Nies
    High Quality Flour

    I received three bags of BSM flour from my wife for Christmas. We saw the segment on Tastemakers and were very intrigued. I bake our household’s bread and am always looking to improve my techniques. The first loaf was baked with the Marquis. It has such a great nutty flavor, and textures I wasn’t getting in other whole wheat flour. I plan to combine it with some more-sifted flour to get a less-dense loaf, and expand its use.
    My wife wanted me to mention that Barton Springs was wonderful to deal with, shipped quickly (and reasonably). We’re fans!

    A.M. Kusick
    Fabulous pizza!

    Been perfecting our homemade pizza over the years—pizza stone, great dough, pre-bake crust, pesto under sauce—but Marquis is a game changer! So full of flavor. Can’t wait to make pasta with it.

    BSM Reviews

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    3909 reviews

    This flour make very good pancakes and buscuits.

    Good Sourdough bread

    Tam 105 makes a good sourdough loaf, but I still prefer Ruby Lee which is not available.

    Yecora Rojo Flour
    Jim Boyd
    Yecora Rojo Sourdough

    Combined with Einkorn Whole Grain flour for sourdough loaf. Combined flours had a very nice nutty flavor and great crust. Much different than with regular whole wheat. Would recommend it.

    Stone Ground Polenta
    frank rosinia

    Love this Polenta a coarse full flavor. Be patient when cooking, not to be rushed, but worth the time and effort.

    Danko Rye Berries
    Michael Winkelmann
    Traditional European rye

    Nutty and robust