Marquis Wheat

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Out of Stock: Next Harvest- Summer 2020

  • Class:Hard Red Winter Wheat
  • Available types: Whole Berry, Whole Wheat, Type ‘00’
  • Grown by: Henry Martens in Tokio, TX
  • Protein: 11.35%
  • Falling number: 326
  • Flavor profile: very mild without bitterness
  • Good for: breads, croissants, rolls, crackers, cookies, brownies

Marquis a cross between Red Fife and Red Calcutta, developed in Canada in 1906. It accounted for 11 million acres of wheat grown in the U.S. by 1919.

This hard red wheat has excellent milling and baking properties. It has a similar flavor profile to Red Fife, but milder, and makes a stronger dough.

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