NEW! Pizza & Pasta Flours Bundle (certified organic)

Know someone passionate about pizza dough? Ready to make fresh pasta at home? It's WAY easier than you think.

This selection of locally grown '00' flours (what is '00?) is the perfect place to start. Each with their own unique flavor and feel, you'll make your best creations yet. Grocery store flours have got nothing on these!

Perfect for gifting - leave a gift note at checkout and we will include a special handwritten card for the recipient.

Each Pizza Bundle includes:

...add a Cotton Toteto make it acomplete gift!

Try them with Bakery Joju's Pizza Dough Recipe!

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Amanda Haverkamp
Best flour ever!

We have been using the flour and made our first Pizza dough last week! Amazing taste and so soft! Like eating a deep dish pizza from the 80’s! I will be a customer forever!

Curtis Lane

I have repeatedly unsubscribed from your marketing emails, yet I keep receiving more (presumably from different "lists" I have to unsubscribe from individually without a wholesale opt out option). This sort of conduct typically guarantees I will never order from a company again. Since you asked after the flour: none of it behaves as expected and I've had more wasted in bakes that didn't turn out than expected not. I am an experienced baker and have worked with a variety of flours, so these results are pretty confounding. Pasta is the only thing I've not encountered issues with. Even your cornmeal behaves oddly (and incidentally, I'm pretty sure you inadvertently bagged some of your blue cornmeal as Oaxacan Green).

Thama Myers
Wonderful flour

Love the recipes,