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Buckwheat Flour (certified organic)

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Mancan Buckwheat is a mid-season buckwheat that was developed at the Agriculture Canada Research Station, Morden, Manitoba in 1973. It has a seed size 26% larger than the standard Tokyo variety.
It is the perfect way to pump up the nutrition of your everyday bakes and makes!

We mill the whole buckwheat with the hull on, and then sift to remove approximately 85% of the crushed hull material. What remains is a lightly speckled flour that retains the flavor and complexity of the hull without any gritty texture. 

  • Class:Seed, Pseudo-Cereal
  • Grown in:Trilla, IL by Farmers, and brothers, Samuel and Charles Stodden 
  • Available types: Fine Sifted Flour
  • Protein:  Protein % is not indicative of buckwheat's baking performance, therefore we do not test for it.  Learn more.
  • Flavor profile: ComplexEarthy
  • We love it added to: Crepes, Pancakes, Quick Breads, Soba Noodles

Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Johnna Alexander

Buckwheat Flour (certified organic)

Great quality

The flour is awesome quality, highly recommend it. The cost could or shipping could have been better but stilllve the product. Also, would request to start sharing nutritional information of their products.

Kevin Houpt
My wife found out she likes buckwheat pancakes

I had buckwheat pancakes many years ago and thought they were good but did not keep up with making them because of the availability of buckwheat. Recently have been experimenting with making scrapple and told by a friend that it’s not real scrapple without buckwheat mixed in. So began my pursuit of buckwheat. After
finding your site I purchased the buckwheat which arrived quickly. Upon arrival I decided to try the buckwheat in a simple pancake recipe.
They came out amazingly light and fluffy and my wife is not a big fan of pancakes now asks me to make buckwheat pancakes. Great product BSM.

Buckwheat Flour

Love my Buckwheat pancakes! Yum yum!

Jill Sidman

Mancan Buckwheat Flour