Sonora Flour

Our Sonora Flour was made for the kitchen culinast obsessed with crafting super tender, delicious, soft-baked goods that taste like sittin' on the back porch with Grandmama on a Sunday afternoon!

Inside The Bag

Golden Flour

Heritage Grain

Soft White Winter Wheat

Grown in Laveen, Arizona

THE STORY OF Sonora Flour

Sonora is one of the oldest surviving wheat varieties anywhere in North America. Predating Red Fife and Turkey Red wheat, it is a soft white, round winter wheat with pale grains.

While earliest records document its existence in the mountain plains of Sonora, Mexico, in the early 1700s, the wheat surely predates that era by generations.

It was widely planted in California by the early 1800s.

HOW TO USE Our Sonora Flour

WARNING: Sonora Flour has been known to cause extreme cravings, excessive compliments,and an elevated obsession with home-baked goods! 

If you're ready to unlock new depths of melt-in-your-mouth goodness, look no further than our Sonora Flour. 

Our rich, buttery Sonora Flour is perfect for the bake-it-yourself enthusiast who wants to develop a closer connection to their friends, family, and community through high-quality food. 

As one of our few soft wheats, Sonora Flour can be used in any standard recipe that aims for tenderness.

Think cakes, biscuits, muffins, pancakes...pretty much anything but sourdough.  


This Sonora grain is so delicious. I’m pretty new to heritage grains, but this is my favorite yet for sweet baked goods. This made some fantastic cookies & pancakes! Such a great flavor. Sonora will become a staple in my home!


I love this flour. I use it for cinnamon rolls. They turn out perfect every time.


I love using flour from Barton Springs, that flavor it imparts to the bread is incomparable. I'm eager to develop my own pizza flour blend using this flour.


Excellent product! Has elevated my baking outcomes to such a higher quality I am not sure how I could ever go back to regular ole flour from the grocery store. Thank you!


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3770 reviews
First time rye user

Nothing to compare to but this worked very well. Used King Arthur recipe that included pickle juice. Won’t do that again. Pickle flavor dominated. Looking forward to next attempt at rye sandwich bread

Bread Flours Bundle
Warren Tanaleon
Quality of Excellence!

Hello to whom it may concern,

Thank you for all your extremely hard work and amazing product! I will be looking forward to using your flour again for my future pizza business, Pablo's Square Pizza! My pizza dough tasted better than before. The rouge de bordeaux and tam 105 gave it that nice natural, hearty, and earthiness flavor. I was wondering, but do you sell either one of them in bulk 50 lb bags? Thank you and hear from you soon.

Warren Tanaleon

Garbanzo Beans
try these

excellent chickpeas, high level of flavor and quality

Sonora Flour
Jesse Mondragon

Sonora Flour

Blue stone ground corn meal

This was the best corn bread I made it thinking not sure if my son would like it because of the color he loved it I added yogurt to it😋