Rye Sandwich Loaf

Rye Sandwich Loaf

This straight-forward rye loaf is made with All-Purpose Standard or All-Purpose Premium and any of our Rye Flours or Hard Wheats.

Soft and not too dense, it's tailor made for a grilled Swiss and pastrami with coarse mustard.

Rolled masa with flour tortillas

Einkorn Flour Tortillas

These flour tortillas are made with some of the oldest varietals of wheat on the planet, our Ancient Grain Einkorn.
Sliced peach pie with serving plates

Brown Sugar Peach Crumble

A buttery crust made of All Purpose Standard or All Purpose Premium.

Topped with juicy peaches and brown-sugared oats.



Spoonbread is cornbread's creamy cousin, and this one is a great palette for trying BSM's various cornmeals.
Whole Wheat Cocoa Brownies

Whole Wheat Cocoa Brownies

Make this with any of our flours in "Whole Wheat".

By day two, the richness of the cocoa and the butter take center stage over any whole wheat flavor. 

Momma's Classic Chocolate Cake

Momma's Classic Chocolate Cake

The deep chocolate flavor of this old-fashioned layer cake tastes even better on day two. 

Made with Rouge de Bordeaux '00' and Sonora '00' OR our All-Purpose Premium flour blend.

Fluffy Stone-Milled Dinner Rolls

Fluffy Stone-Milled Dinner Rolls

Fluffy dinner rolls made with All Purpose Standardor All Purpose Premium.

So fluffy they'll be begging you for the recipe from the talented Abby Love.

Cast-Iron Skillet Cornbread - RECIPE UPDATED!

Cast-Iron Skillet Cornbread - RECIPE UPDATED!

There's not a bad time for this cornbread, made with either of our All Purpose flours and any color of Cornmeal

This toothsome cornbread has a rich corn flavor. It is neither too smooth nor too sweet, more a classic hearty Southern take. 

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3658 reviews
Tyler Becker
Great flavour!

Makes great flour! Used it in sourdough pancakes. Has a mild, sweet flavour.

Carolina Gold Rice
Peter Shaginaw
Carolina Gold Rice

I am pleased that Barton Springs Mill still supplies this traditional regional rice. Once a common staple, this rice is hard to find in specialty restaurants let alone grocery stores. Thanks for keeping this product readily available for those of us who love the taste of down- home Southern cooking.

Great All purpose flour

Great taste very wholesome flour

My class is scheduled for June 18

Stone Ground Cornmeal
Jeanine Naker
Beautiful Color

Have not used yet, but is beautiful colors and smells amazing.