Momma's Classic Chocolate Cake

Momma's Classic Chocolate Cake

The deep chocolate flavor of this old-fashioned layer cake tastes even better on day two. The Rouge de Bordeaux flour adds warmth and richness with its cinnamon overtones.
Fluffy Stone-Milled Dinner Rolls

Fluffy Stone-Milled Dinner Rolls

Dinner rolls so fluffy they'll be begging you for the recipe, from the talented Abby Love.
Cast-Iron Skillet Cornbread - RECIPE UPDATED!

Cast-Iron Skillet Cornbread - RECIPE UPDATED!

There's not a bad time for this cornbread. You can take our word for it, or try it out for yourself. Just don't tell anyone you made it, or it will disappear. This toothsome cornbread has a rich corn flavor. It is neither too smooth nor too sweet, more a classic hearty Southern take. 

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Yecora Rojo
Lucinda Rubio-Barrick

Excellent quality.

All-Purpose 'Standard' Blend

The last two orders were incorrect. First order we ordered 3, 5lb All Purpose flower we got 2 1/2lb instead. We were charged the higher price. Second ordered we ordered 6, 5lb All Purpose flower and we got 6, 2 1/2lb instead.We were charged the higher price again. We would love a response to this problem. [****] Doyce

These make the best hummus.

Canned chickpeas just don’t measure up. These, plus Soom Tahini, plus a proprietary blend of citrus juice 🍋, olive oil, diced chilis 🌶 and spices, make the best hummus ever. And don’t even get me started on couscous salad. Happy and satisfied customer. Will absolutely order again.

Yecora Rojo
Jeremy Shapiro

I’m enjoying using your flours again especially to make breads of Italian and French parameters and types of European flours, learning curves!

Outstanding! Nutty flavor!

Wow! I have every wheat grain Barton offers and several not offered but this is my favorite! This has a beautiful nutty taste unique to it. I wish berries were available!!! Outstanding and well worth your trying it.