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  • Available types: Whole Grain Flour, Whole Berries
  • Grown by: Lynn Brakke Organic Farm, Moorhead, MN
  • Good for: pan breads, artisan hearth breads (up to 30%), pancakes, waffles, cookies

From German, meaning literally “single grain,” Einkorn wheat was one of the first plants to be domesticated and cultivated. The earliest clear evidence of the domestication of Einkorn dates from 8,650 BC to 7,950 BC. Einkorn has a higher percentage of protein than modern red wheats and is considered more nutritious because it also has higher levels of fat, phosphorus, potassium, pyridoxine, and beta-carotene. It works well in hearth breads (up to 30%).

Also known as Farro Piccolo, Einkorn is a grain derived from Grano Farro, or Farro Grain. 

Farro is shaped like rice, with a golden brown hue and a nutty flavor. The texture gives a slight chewy feel once cooked. You can prepare Einkorn and other Farro grains easily, going well with a variety of meals. From soups and salads, to side dishes and hot breakfast, the possibilities are exciting. 

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    Baking madness!

    So far I've made a SD Starter that I've used to make bread and pancakes. The best pancakes I've ever had! I love this flour and will never go back to store bought!

    Einkorn flour

    Very tasty I like it for my sourdough bread!!

    Fantastic taste!

    I use the Einkorn for my bread. Make two loafs a week. The dough is a little more sticky than the All Purpose flour. But, the taste is unbelievable! The texture is firm, but taste outstanding!!!

    All products and customer service have been exceptional!

    I discovered Barton Springs and the amazing benefits of using freshly milled flours in my baked goods about a year ago, when visiting my son in Austin. I was so happy when I learned BS ships to California. Specifically, I love the rouge de Bordeaux for breads, with a little added whole wheat Einkorn for flavor and nutrition. Bread baking is so easy, I rarely buy bread products in the store. A combo of Rouge de Bordeaux and Sonora is great for bagels. Sonora makes a great, delicate pie crust! BS’ AP flours are great for the basics - waffles, cookies, etc.

    Customer service has been good as well - quick response to all my emails. BS even sent me a free bag of Marquis 00 when I had accidentally ordered the whole wheat version! It was much appreciated as it was a week before Christmas and I had a lot of baking projects!

    My guests always ask about my hutch, which is packed with Barton Spring flour. I now share the benefits of freshly milled flour with friends and family.

    Got here so fast!

    Got whole berries and I can't wait to use them! Will update once I have! But their shipping was so fast! It got here in no time!

    BSM Reviews

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    2831 reviews

    The flour is incredible! The bread we’ve baked was delicious and testy!

    Excellent for sourdough!

    I’ve been using this for sourdough pizza crusts and they turn out awesome!

    Rouge de Bordeaux

    New pizza staple

    I'll never be able to make pizza without this flour ever again. It was so easy to work with, and there were more subtle flavors than I even knew what to do with. I found myself using fewer toppings so I could taste the dough more (and up until now pizza dough was just a vehicle for toppings).

    Yecora Rojo
    Yecora Rojo

    Beautiful flour. Made delicious sourdough. Tried the 00 think I’ll try regular next time for a heartier bread. Looking forward to trying other flours