Einkorn Flour (certified organic)

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From German, meaning literally “single grain,” Einkorn wheat was one of the first plants to be domesticated and cultivated. The earliest clear evidence of the domestication of Einkorn dates from 8,650 BC to 7,950 BC. Einkorn has a higher percentage of protein than modern red wheats and is considered more nutritious because it also has higher levels of fat, phosphorus, potassium, pyridoxine, and beta-carotene. It works well in hearth breads (up to 30%).

Also known as Farro Piccolo, Einkorn is a grain derived from Grano Farro, or Farro Grain. 

You can prepare Whole Berries as Farro. The texture is beautifully bouncy, with a slight chew once cooked. You can prepare Einkorn and other Farro grains easily, going well with a variety of meals. From soups and salads, to side dishes and hot breakfast, the possibilities are exciting. 

  • Grown in:Teton, ID by Grand Teton Ancient Grains
  • This is an Ancient grain.  Learn more.
  • Available types: Whole Berry, Whole Grain Flour
  • Protein:  15.9% (Protein % is not indicative of an ancient grain's baking performance)  Learn more.
  • Flavor profile: Deep Toasted Graham
  • We love it in: Breads (up to 30%), Cookies, Pancakes, Waffles, Cornbread
Remember!You don’t need a special recipeyou can use stone-milled flours in any recipe. If you find the outcome a bit dry, don't be afraid to increase the liquid in your recipe - our flours are thirsty!

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    Great flour. Fast shipping.


    I've tried a few different einkorn flours. Barton Springs Mill is great! This is my 3rd bag from them. Customer service is great (a bag of flour broke open in transit...BSM, quickly replaced it)

    Einkorn flour

    Loved it! Excellent flour 5 stars

    Einkorn Whole Grain

    I’m adding Einkorn to cookie, muffin and sourdough recipes and enjoying the flavorful results. I am always happy with the wonderful flours I receive from your mill. Thank you!

    Leo Dielmann
    Great Harvest Bread!

    Substituted BSM blonde einkorn flour 1:1. Bread was moist, light, and flavorful! What a great find! Looking forward to using it for other quick bread recipes.