How To: Troubleshoot Your Starter (with video!)

Starter not feeling so "easy" anymore?

Doubting your starter?

Worried it isn't active enough?

Don't fret! It's quite hard to kill a starter. It will take a few weeks to be fully established. Below, BSM Owner James Brown lends a helping hand and addresses these common sourdough starter conundrums:

Help! I don't see any activity...

Help! My starter seems too thick...

How soon should I feed my starter?

Help! I don't like to discard, it feels wasteful...

What flour should I feed with?

How does the miller maintain his starter?

What do you do if you don't bake so often or want to go on vacation? See how to hibernate your starter here.

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I am not a veteran bread baker however I have made my fair share of sourdough bread from freshly milled grains. I must say that Barton Springs Einkorn Einkorn wheat berries have made the very best tasting bread for me. I have tried Einkorn from other vendors and find Barton Springs to be the best.

Excellent instructions, great recipes and enjoyable readings. I would recommend this for anyone looking to up their at home pizza game.

Einkorn Berries
Joshua Washburn
Very nice grain. Sweet and nutty.

Used in a “risotto” preparation with excellent result!

Stone Ground Grits
Margo Lawrence


Excellent product. The cornbread I recently made with the white cornmeal was well received by my family and they committed on much better they liked the cornbread made with the Barton Springs Mill cornmeal versus a store bought cornmeal