Spelt Flour (certified organic)

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Spelt, also known as “Dinkel” or German wheat, developed through the spontaneous crossing of the wild grasses (Aegilops squarrosa) and Emmer between 6000 and 5000 BC.

Spelt contains more protein, fats and crude fiber than wheat and also has large amounts of Vitamin B17 (anti-carcinoma). It also contains special carbohydrates which play a decisive role in blood clotting and stimulate the body’s immune system so as to increase its resistance to infection.

With a sweet, buttery, nutty flavor, Spelt is a great inclusion to any bread recipe.

  • Grown in:Teton, ID by Grand Teton Ancient Grains
  • This is an Ancient grain.  Learn more.
  • Available types: Whole Berry, Whole Grain Flour
  • Protein:   13.79% (Protein % is not indicative of an ancient grain's baking performance)  Learn more.
  • Flavor profile:  Buttery, Sweet and Nutty
  • We love it in: Breads (up to 30%), Cookies, Crackers, Pancakes, Pasta, Waffles
Remember! You don’t need a special recipe you can use stone-milled flours in any recipe. If you find the outcome a bit dry, don't be afraid to increase the liquid in your recipe - our flours are thirsty!

    Customer Reviews

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    Deja James

    Spelt Flour (certified organic)

    John Arbuckle
    Great bread

    Used your spelt flower to make 100% spelt sourdough loaf. Wonderful flavor and excellent crumb. Will clearly order it again. You guys do the best.

    Aarthi Madhusudhan

    Spelt Flour (certified organic)

    Korynne Feliú
    Excellent whole grain flour

    I grew up farming and we always ground our own wheat for bread but after the farm sold, always wished I had a source for fresh ground flour.

    I found Barton Springs Mill online and have been so happy with the flour I have received.

    My whole life, I’ve been on a venture to make the perfect, light textured, fully, whole grain loaf and was finally able to achieve that with this spelt flour. It’s very finely ground and results in the best bread!!

    This is my recipe for a perfect loaf:
    3 cups whole grain flour (I like to mix einkhorn and spelt 50/50)
    1 cup warm water
    1 package yeast
    2 tblsp honey
    1 tsp sea salt
    1/3 c oil (I use olive oil or rendered lard from my pastured pigs)

    Mix honey, warm water, yeast and oil in a jar and let set for 10 mins until bubbly. Pour into mixing bowl with flour and salt. Knead well, adding flour as needed to keep it from being too sticky. (Just enough to keep it from sticking to your fingers)

    Let dough rise, covered for 40 mins to an hour. Punch down and knead again for a few mins before shaping into a loaf.

    Place it into a loaf pan, I line mine with parchment paper first. Let rise for 40-60 mins.

    Bake at 350 for 25-30 mins

    Katherine Kuster
    Love it!

    We love all your products!