Oberkülmer Spelt

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  • Available types: Whole Berry, Whole Grain
  • Grown by: Henry Martens in Tokio, TX
  • Flavor profile: sweet, buttery, nutty flavor
  • Good for: breads, pancakes, muffins, pasta, crackers

Spelt, also known as “Dinkel” or German wheat, developed through the spontaneous crossing of the wild grasses (Aegilops squarrosa) and Emmer between 6000 and 5000 BC.

Spelt contains more protein, fats and crude fiber than wheat and also has large amounts of Vitamin B17 (anti-carcinoma). It also contains special carbohydrates which play a decisive role in blood clotting and stimulate the body’s immune system so as to increase its resistance to infection.

With a sweet, buttery, nutty flavor, Spelt is a great inclusion to any bread recipe.

    Customer Reviews

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    Spelt won the waffles

    I love making waffles with the spelt flour. When they are cooking up, the amazing aroma fills my house, bringing everyone to the kitchen in the morning. Additionally, you can smell this sweet, nutty grain all the way outside too!
    I won't use anything else to make waffles.

    also good with regular bread yeast

    many of the comments use sourdough but I made mine with regular baking yeast. Mix with the regular flour 1:1 but prepare starter dough (1 cup of Spelt Flour, 1 cup of warm water, 1/4 teaspoon of yeast, mix in a bowl and cover with plastic foil) 10-12hours before and use that starter dough in the breadmaking process. Works great!!! Super taste, nice texture, great to work with. Flours do not need much water, I used the regular amounts and was way too much. Easy on water. Dough loves it warm, I placed mine in the car for rising...
    No more store flour!!!


    WOW!!!!!!!! Hey, Texans, this is the best spelt, been adding it to sourdough bread recipes as well as my starter and it is kick ass, never buying from any other mill if I can help it!


    Oberkülmer Spelt

    Love the flours

    They add so much flavor to my sourdough baking

    BSM Reviews

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    2935 reviews
    Upped the game for my favorite Whole Wheat Sourdough Sandwich Bread

    I went back to sourdough after many years like so many others in 2020, in March. I had a good Sourdough Whole Wheat Sandwich recipe and tried the Marquis on a search for the the best. It came out so much better than the previous loaves which were good - now its great!

    Even if I made a mistake, its worth it

    Quick little fact: Not all corn pops, crazy huh!? Anyways I bought this corn for one reason, but even if I can't use it for that particular reason, it's amazing quality. I will be using this to plant outside and make some tortillas and posole. An A+ in my book!

    Great flavor…a complementary flour

    Really like Sonora…made the yeasted loaf bread recipe on this site and it came out OUTSTANDING. It casts a yellow tone, almost like an egg bread …

    I also made Sonora and Yellow Cornmeal Pancakes this weekend…WOW!. Super soft, cake-like…yep, added blueberries and some maple syrup, with a banana sideline. GREAT! Try It!

    Robust stuff!

    You really know you're eating corn bread when you use Oaxacan Green. I used my traditional cornbread recipe using this cornmeal, all-purpose flour, sugar, salt, baking powder, eggs, milk, melted butter and Crisco just to see how it compares to yellow cornmeal from the store. This Oaxacan Green cornmeal doesn't disappear into the batter, but stands out in the bread, announcing "I am here!" The texture is heavier, denser, and more substantial than regular cornmeal, and it took a bit longer to bake. It is quite filling too -- not so much an accompaniment to a meal but a meal itself. . One piece was lunch! I think this cornmeal was not ground to dust, like most cornmeal, so it holds its flavor, texture, and personality much more. Great stuff! And something different! There will be no boring corn breads in this house from now on.

    Great garbanzo beans!

    Great texture and taste to eat whole, for instance on salads. Also great for hummus.