Stone Ground Polenta


Welcome to our rainbow of Polenta! Think of Polenta as the creamier cousin of Grits. Learn about Grits vs. Polenta.

Try any color of Polenta in our RECIPES:

Scroll down to see the flavor profile of each cornmeal. All of our corn is always non-GMO.

Bloody Butcher Red

Bloody Butcher is a deep red to burgundy colored dent corn, developed in Virginia in 1845. It lends a very muted burgundy hue when cooked or baked.
  • Grown in:Rockdale, TX by Farmer Jim Richardson
  • This is Heirloom corn.

Oaxacan Green

Oaxacan Green corn is a centuries-old variety that is a favorite of the Zapotec peoples, utilized in their green tamales and tortillas.This dent variety exhibits complex nutty, earthy flavors and aromas, and is high in starch. It lends a subtle yellow-green hue when cooked or baked.
  • Grown in:Amarillo, TX & San Jon, NM by Farmers Leo and Zach Thrasher
  • This is Heirloom corn.

Hopi Blue

Precursors of this strain of flint corn have been raised continuously for 800 years on the mesas of northern Arizona. Hopi Blue Corn was used by the Hopis to make ceremonial Piki Bread.It lends a bright and bold blue-purple hue when cooked or baked.
  • Grown in:Rockdale, TX by Farmer Jim Richardson
  • This is Heirloom corn.


Good, old-fashioned yellow corn. This open-pollinated corn is a staple in any kitchen. Golden yellow and bursting with the flavor of sweet corn.
  • Grown in:Amarillo, TX & San Jon, NM by Farmers Leo and Zach Thrasher
  • This is Open-Pollinated corn.


A neutral, snowy white corn for all of your baking needs! Perfect when you don't want to affect the natural color of your creations.
  • Grown in:Amarillo, TX & San Jon, NM by Farmers Leo and Zach Thrasher
Remember!You don’t need a special recipe… you can use any color of our stone-milled polenta in any recipe. All of our corn is non-GMO.

    Customer Reviews

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    Tess E
    Learning about the older varieties of grains

    I already adore Bloody Butcher cornmeal, and look forward to making finer cornbread with this fine mix. But I can't really bake until the heat waves are past. I Plan to make biscuits and rolls with the Purple Straw Flour, this Fall. I love the idea of nutty flavor. Can't wait to try it out if there isn't a heat wave in Sept. I am looking up recipes for Polenta with cream mushrooms.

    3 Colors of Polenta & Grits

    We love all 3 of your grits, the green, red, & blue! We get the polenta grind so that they are smoother.

    Stef Immel
    Polenta. Hopi blue corn

    Honestly I am a polenta/grits making fool. I'm a chef that will never uses any other grains for my recipes and menu development. Will always feature these all the time! You guys are amazing for keeping all these amazing grains ect.. and doing it the right way! So thank you.

    BSM Reviews

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    Whole Berry Bundle
    April Soncrant

    I am a new owner of a mill and am milling my own flour for the first time. This is so much fun, and the Barton Springs grains are just wonderful. Everything about my order was great, from the customer service, quick shipping, excellent notifications, right to the product itself. Fresh and flavorful. I am very pleased.

    Sonora Wheat Berries
    Amy Oldham
    Beautiful and Delicious

    I use the Sonora Wheat Berries for all my non-yeast baking. Muffins, pancakes and more. I love the golden color and flavor of this wheat. My order was packaged well and the wheat is very clean and ready to mill.

    Einkorn Flour
    John G. Zulager
    Einkorn Flour

    Made Einkorn Flour and White Cornmeal pancakes. Great taste. To hot to bake anything this time of year. Trying some grits for evening meal, topped with eggs. Thank you for service and answering questions about grind on corn.


    I love spelt, especially Barton Springs’ spelt. It is very clean, and they ship it so fast. I made banana bread recently, and knowing that spelt is a complete protein, along with fruit, nuts, butter and eggs, you’ve got all the food groups in a delicious slice.

    Emmer Flour
    Scott Ausburn
    Great flavor

    I used this flour to make pancakes and the turned out great : )