Wrens Abruzzi Rye

  • Available types: Whole Berry, Whole Grain, Type ‘00’
  • Grown by: Henry Martens in Tokio, TX
  • Flavor profile: subtly sweet, but still good for savory applications
  • Good for: baking, distilling, pâte brisée for shortbreads, pie crusts, and tarts

This rye has a subtly sweeter profile than other offerings, but in no way should be excluded from savory applications. A favorite of bakers and distillers alike.

Try this rye sifted to ‘00’ in a pâte brisée application to make amazing shortbreads and pie and tart crusts.

A selection of the much older Italian Abruzzi rye. Developed in 1953 in Georgia as an early winter rye with superior performance.


    Customer Reviews

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    The Best!!

    I use this in my favorite recipe: Bakery-Style Whole Wheat Rye Bread. It's delicious and so nutritious.

    No knead abruzzi rye

    I am a novice baker and have been looking for a rye bread that was like the ones I grew up with. I ordered the Wrens Abruzzi and wasn’t disappointed. The flour itself had a hint of “fresh mowed grass” that was clean, sweet and pleasant. I used the flour in an experimental no knead recipe I had come across on the internet. It turned out wonderful and is the replacement for my beloved rye I grew up with but can’t find in Texas since moving here around 5 years ago.

    tasty pie crust

    Used this flour in a pie crust from cooks illustrated. Made the tastiest pie crust that went well with cherry filling.

    Top quality

    The Wrens Abruzzi Rye smelled incredible and was lovely to mill! I love how grassy the rye smelled in comparison to other flours. It was an excellent addition to my sourdough blend of turkey red, Tam, and regular bread flour . The loaves came out smelling buttery and earthy and wonderful.

    Love this rye flour

    One of the best rye flour available in the US. Allows me to bake almost as good of a bread as in Germany. I don’t mind driving all the way to Müller Park to get it, but I am so happy you changed the mailing of the packages. Makes it a lot easier for people coming from up north like Pflugerville and further.