NEW! Whole Berry Bundle

Click here to learn how to cook and sprout whole berries.

This is the perfect bundle for cooks and home millers alike! Whole Berries are the seed of the wheat plant. You can mill them into flour OR leave them whole to be cooked or sprouted. They are great in soups, salads and more. Check out our How-To here.

This selection of 1 hard wheat, 1 soft wheat and 1 rye will give you plenty of inspiration and varying flavors to work with as you sprout and cook your way to highly nutritious meals. These are unmilled whole berries, NOT flour.

Perfect for gifting - leave a gift note at checkout and we will include a special handwritten card for the recipient.

Each Berry Bundle includes:

...add a Flour Sack Tote to make it a complete gift!

Try it in our RECIPES:

How To: Cook and Sprout Whole Berries

A Guide to Wheat Berry Salads

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TAM 105 Flour
Marj Krause
Great flour for gluten intolerant tummies

Used the TAM 105 for banana bread. The bread turned out better than normal. It had the extra flavor this flour brings and no tummy issues. I then ordered TAM 105 00 to use for pizza dough

Yecora Rojo

Made standard sourdough loaf with this new flour from Barton Springs, It came out a little dry on first round of kneading. I added a few squirts from spray bottle to get texture just right.

This rose nicely after 12 hours. I might add a little more water next time. It was not as elastic as some of the earlier new flours I have tried. It also has a redish tinge, which is really interesting. Not bright enough for me to notice (colorblind) but I noticed a slightly different shade and my wife confirmed it was definitely a bit redish.

This had a great rise overnight. Nice dome, and still felt firm. It's very big, but my hope is that it won't cave in during the bake.

It was a bit over proofed and black on top. Could be the very overraised dome. But the bread as a whole was great. Worked like a bread flour, but had a great whole-wheat flavor. This is far more unique than the other fancy flours I have tried in the past. I could see making special orders of this variety.

Sonora Flour
Debora Crosby
I can't imagine baking cookies, pies, and cakes without Sonoran Flour!

This order of flour arrived at 6:30 pm then night before Thanksgiving. I refused to start my baking before it arrived. It didn't disappoint and everyone raved about the pie crusts as well as the pies. The Sonoran wheat flour was fresh and wonderful!

Spelt Flour
Paul m
Spelt pizza

Loved this spelt whole grain flour made perfect pizza and the best banana nut and chocolate chip bread !!!

Wrens Abruzzi Rye Flour
Laura Sanders
Great flavor!

This was my first time working with rye flour, and I wasn't sure how well it would work in a sourdough loaf. I was pleasantly surprised by the freshness and flavor of the Wrens Abruzzi.