November 22, 2022 1 min read

Easy Pizza Dough Recipe

Yields:  8 dough balls at 250 grams each

795g Water (85 degrees F)
36g Salt
5g Yeast


Mix all ingredients with a spiral in a KitchenAid for 9 minutes. If it pulls a decent windowpane, stop. If not, mix 2 minutes more.
Place dough in a lightly oiled container and refrigerate for 24 hours.
Remove from fridge. Divide and shape into 8 dough balls. Cover with plastic wrap for 5 hours at room temperature. If using a home oven, preheat to 500F one hour before baking.
Spread dough and add toppings! Bake in your home oven for 8-10 minutes, or in an at-home pizza oven (preferred).