Danko Rye

  • Available types: Whole Berry, Whole Grain
  • Grown by: Henry Martens in Tokio, TX
  • Flavor profile: bold aromas of cocoa and baking spice
  • Good for: breads, pasta
Danko Rye (or Dankowskie Nowe in Polish) was developed in 1976 by the Polish Plant Breeding Institute, Poznan, Poland. Our crop exhibits bold aromas of cocoa and baking spice, resulting in complex, earthy breads.

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    Danko Rye

    Good Rye Hard to Get

    I have been using this stone ground flour for 100% rye sourdough crumpets as well as adding the rye sourdough to my biscuits. The results are great!

    Green Grits

    Fixed the green corn grits for my wife. She said that they were the best tasting, flavorful grits she ever had. Wonderful corn flavor

    Makes me look like I know what I'm doing!

    The sourdough rye bread that I make with Danko Rye is amazing. It is a favorite with everyone. Even I can make a crowd-pleasing bread with it!

    Perfect Rye

    I combined the Danko Rye with all purpose and it made the most perfect Rye bread.

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    New Favorite Shirt

    This is my new favorite shirt. They are very soft and comfortable, although they are a tad bit long for my taste. Not a big deal by any means - I've had it two weeks and already worn it 3 or 4 times.

    Yecora Rojo
    Dianne Vita

    I bought the Yecora Red to make some artisan sourdough & it came out so delicious. It has a wonderful nuttiness with great complex flavors. Just love it. Can’t wait to try some of the “00” sifts.

    Just what I wanted!

    After having blue cornbread on a trip to Colorado, I looked everywhere for the cornmeal to make it after returning home to Boston. Luckily I found it through Barton Springs Mill, and it arrived a few days after ordering. I've already used it several times for several different recipes. It's awesome, and exactly the flavor and quality I was looking for. Highly recommend!!

    Rouge de Bordeaux
    Larissa Prusak
    What a taste

    I baked already two sourdough loafs with the flour and the taste and smell is amazing.

    Helped with colic from breast milk!

    I have three kids and breast fed all of them and I always had to watch my wheat intake otherwise my babies were gassy. I thought for whatever reason it was the gluten but then I learned that it’s actually how the wheat is made and what pesticides were used that upsets the babies and the mamas through the breast milk. So this third time around I have been searching for an organic wheat flour that wouldn’t upset my 6 month old’s tummy through the breast milk and I say success! I have baked muffins and cakes with this flour and have no complaints! If you want a fluffy result I’d recommend sifting as I would with any flour. Very happy and will buy again