Bread Lame

Perfect for scoring your bread time after time, this is the gift that keeps on giving!

Show pride in your favorite Flour Mill with this custom BSM Logo Lame. Thoughtfully crafted in the USA of walnut, to last a lifetime.

Comes with 1 razor blade.

Made by Wire Monkey in Connecticut, USA.



Clean with stiff bristle nylon brush if flour is stuck in engravings.

Revive with food-grade fractionated coconut oil if lame gets dry.

DO NOT wash with water.

Customer Reviews

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Sherry Krauss
Bread Lame Shipment

Initial shipment was very late but arrived. A second shipment was made, so now I have two. Will be returning to you a duplicate. Not sure how the lame is used except for brand advertisement.? Was getting that confused with a scoring bread blade. Need to revisit the gift contents. I thought a "bread lame was the scoring device/blade. Need to revisit your website. Thanks for the prompt service with the bread lame. If a blade was to be included, there was not one. Please clarify as I will revisit the website as I had mentioned. Apologize for the confusion. Sherry Krauss

Jude Szempruch
Be careful out there

I mostly love this, but i over tightened it to use and when trying to loosen it after use…sliced through the thumb/bird combo. There are tips for safely dealing with a stuck ufo on the website and probably in the booklet that came with it. Just thought I should mention that after “a year” of scoring, I failed to remember those tips in the moment. Also, I accept that I’m an idiot.

Heather H
If you’ve been using a “sharp” kitchen knife to score bread…

It’s time to stop. I’ve been putting off buying a bread lame because I’m a casual bread baker (1-2x/mo). I always thought I could get by with scoring my loaf with a sharp chef or paring knife. And I guess I have but now that I’ve used this it’s so much easier and it makes a nice deep cut that you CANNOT get with a knife. I try not to get any unnecessary kitchen tools. But this is so small and handy and seriously sharp. I wish I had gotten one 3 years ago.

Phat Piron
Cool lame

I totally suggested that colab a couple years ago, so I am glad it happened! Monkey blades are cool and accurate, works great