Garbanzo Beans/Kalvash/Chick Peas

  • Available types: Whole Beans (unmilled)
  • Grown by: Ramona Farms (Sacaton - Gila River Indian Reservation, AZ)
  • Good for: Soups, Stews, Side Dishes, Curry, Hummus

Brought to the Pima people in the early 1700s by the Spanish Jesuit Missionary Padre Eusebio Kino, the Akimel O'Odham planted the Kalvash as a winter crop from November to February, and harvested the crop in May and June.

Today, Ramona Farms brings back the tradition of growing the Kalvash on the very same fields farmed by their ancestors along the Keli Akimel (Old Man River). Garbanzo beans are delicious in many culinary applications. We will be experimenting with milling chickpea flour. Stay tuned!

At the Mill, while our focus has been on Texas farmers, we are making efforts to engage/employ/purchase products from indigenous farmers and farmers of color. In our search, we discovered Ramona’s American Indian Foods, a Native American (Akimel O’Odham) business within the Gila River Reservation near Sacaton, Arizona.  Ramona and her husband Terry Button, began farming on her parents' original ten acre lot in 1974.  Read more about their story and land practices here:

Customer Reviews

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Good stuff

Very delicious chickpeas. Full flavor, not muted like the canned product. There is a bit more work involved, like soaking and then boiling for a while, but if you want good taste, then it's worth the extra effort. Makes great hummus and chickpea salad. Also, because it's dried, it stores very well. Would definitely recommend.

John Calnan
Easier than I expected!

I’m no chef, but I found cooking these so easy using an overnight-soak method. Tasty, and I don’t have to wonder about whatever that goop in the can is (it foams when you rinse canned chickpeas. Ugh). Highly recommended.

Gary Guy

I'm not a chick Pea virtuoso but these are good.

Eric Grimm
These make the best hummus.

Canned chickpeas just don’t measure up. These, plus Soom Tahini, plus a proprietary blend of citrus juice 🍋, olive oil, diced chilis 🌶 and spices, make the best hummus ever. And don’t even get me started on couscous salad. Happy and satisfied customer. Will absolutely order again.


I love all of Barton Springs Mill’s flours and grits, so I thought why not when I saw they offered these- best hummus I’ve ever made and perfect paired with homemade pita!

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Tyler Becker
Great flavour!

Makes great flour! Used it in sourdough pancakes. Has a mild, sweet flavour.

Carolina Gold Rice
Peter Shaginaw
Carolina Gold Rice

I am pleased that Barton Springs Mill still supplies this traditional regional rice. Once a common staple, this rice is hard to find in specialty restaurants let alone grocery stores. Thanks for keeping this product readily available for those of us who love the taste of down- home Southern cooking.

Great All purpose flour

Great taste very wholesome flour

My class is scheduled for June 18

Stone Ground Cornmeal
Jeanine Naker
Beautiful Color

Have not used yet, but is beautiful colors and smells amazing.