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Mancan Buckwheat is a mid-season buckwheat that was developed at the Agriculture Canada Research Station, Morden, Manitoba in 1973. It has a seed size 26% larger than the standard Tokyo variety.
It is the perfect way to pump up the nutrition of your everyday bakes and makes!

We mill the whole buckwheat with the hull on, and then sift to remove approximately 85% of the crushed hull material. What remains is a lightly speckled flour that retains the flavor and complexity of the hull without any gritty texture. 

  • Class:Seed, Pseudo-Cereal
  • Grown in:Trilla, IL by Farmers, and brothers, Samuel and Charles Stodden 
  • Available types: Fine Sifted Flour
  • Protein:  Protein % is not indicative of buckwheat's baking performance, therefore we do not test for it.  Learn more.
  • Flavor profile: ComplexEarthy
  • We love it added to: Crepes, Pancakes, Quick Breads, Soba Noodles

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Jill Sidman

Mancan Buckwheat Flour

Scott Ausburn
Great taste

This buckwheat like all other Barton Springs Mill products is top shelf. So far i have only made pancakes with this flour but i know what ever else i make it will be delicious. You may think you don't care for buckwheat but this is like no other buckwheat . It's like something different than you buy at the regular grocery store ; )

Mary b.
Never to old to learn

My 1st use of the buckwheat flour was not my best cooking experience. Not because of the flour. Rather my lack of understanding how buckwheat gels with other ingredients. I am not deterred. Tomorrow is always the next new day.

susan gary


Peter Wrisley
Buckwheat Pancakes

Excellent pancakes! Quick to make, quite satisfying.

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Excellent Einkorn Berries & Great Customer Service!

We live locally in Austin and wanted to pick up some Einkorn berries (we make sourdough Einkorn bread and love it) and customer service was quick to reply and get my order ready for pickup! Very friendly and helpful. Excellent wheat berries without hulls (we’ve had an issue buying from other companies where the hills were still intact on a lot of the berries. We love Barton Springs Mill!

Stone Ground Cornmeal
Gena Kearse
Nice surprise

The Bloody Butcher corn meal I purchased arrived neatly packaged and ready to use. It mixed well with my corn bread recipe and it turned out smooth, rich texture and delicious. I'd definitely buy it again.

Stone Ground Grits
Turd Furguson

very satisfied with these grits.....plain and simple.....

Love white wheat berries!

Loving the new Big Country white wheat berries from Barton Springs Mills! It has been 20+ yrs since I had access to and used white wheat for baking, I had forgotten the beauty of the flour. Thank you!

Beautiful Grain!!

Besides being beautiful, my sourdough starter couldn’t be happier. Have already made bread, and it is super complex and smells like toasty heaven. The best part is the heritage and organic stewardship, which we all need more of in our current mono-culture world. Thanks Barton Springs for all your hard work on this one!!