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Sonora is one of the oldest surviving wheat varieties anywhere in North America. Predating Red Fife and Turkey Red wheat, it is a soft white, round winter wheat with pale red grains.

While earliest records document its existence in the mountain plains of Sonora, Mexico in the early 1700s, the wheat surely predates that era by generations. It was widely planted in California by the early 1800s.

  • Class:Soft White Winter Wheat
  • Grown in:Laveen, AZ by Farmette Janna Anderson of Pinnacle Farms
  • This is a Heritage grain.  Learn more.


  • Available types: Whole Berry, Whole Wheat Flour,‘00’ Flour  What is’00’?
  • Protein: Protein % is not indicative of soft wheat's baking performance, therefore we do not test for it.  Learn more.
  • Flavor profile: Nutty and buttery
  • We love it in: Flatbreads, Pastries, Pancakes, Pie crust, Tortillas, Richly Flavored Breads (up to 50%)
Remember! You don’t need a special recipeyou can use stone-milled flours in any recipe. If you find the outcome a bit dry, don't be afraid to increase the liquid in your recipe. Our flours are thirsty!

    Customer Reviews

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    Terri Buckner

    I made a Westerner Pound cake with all purpose flour first and it was great. I loved that you could taste the flour very nutty. Cake had a great crumb. I tried the Sonora flour today and WOW! I honestly thought it would not be better than the all purpose but t hands down made a fabulous pound cake. Everything melded beautifully I always add a little Meyer lemon juice and the all purpose pound cake you could barely taste it. The Sonora tasted perfect! The best cake flour so glad I found you guys. Will always have this flour on hand.

    All Purpose vs Sonora

    Made a Weaterner Pound Cake with all purpose flour

    One of the best

    Works very well in enriched doughs and quick breads. My go-to pick for pancakes, waffles, crepes, scones, biscuits. Delicious.

    james smith
    A favorite

    Flour for baking. Gives a great flavor.

    Tyler Becker
    Great flavour!

    Makes great flour! Used it in sourdough pancakes. Has a mild, sweet flavour.

    BSM Reviews

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    3723 reviews
    Whole Berry Bundle
    April Soncrant

    I am a new owner of a mill and am milling my own flour for the first time. This is so much fun, and the Barton Springs grains are just wonderful. Everything about my order was great, from the customer service, quick shipping, excellent notifications, right to the product itself. Fresh and flavorful. I am very pleased.

    Sonora Wheat Berries
    Amy Oldham
    Beautiful and Delicious

    I use the Sonora Wheat Berries for all my non-yeast baking. Muffins, pancakes and more. I love the golden color and flavor of this wheat. My order was packaged well and the wheat is very clean and ready to mill.

    Einkorn Flour
    John G. Zulager
    Einkorn Flour

    Made Einkorn Flour and White Cornmeal pancakes. Great taste. To hot to bake anything this time of year. Trying some grits for evening meal, topped with eggs. Thank you for service and answering questions about grind on corn.


    I love spelt, especially Barton Springs’ spelt. It is very clean, and they ship it so fast. I made banana bread recently, and knowing that spelt is a complete protein, along with fruit, nuts, butter and eggs, you’ve got all the food groups in a delicious slice.

    Emmer Flour
    Scott Ausburn
    Great flavor

    I used this flour to make pancakes and the turned out great : )