Stone-Milled All-Purpose Flour


New to stone-milled flour? This is the perfect place to start. Use this in place of All-Purpose flour in ANY recipe.

*We are currently transitioning to our new AP blend of Ruby Lee and Mediterranean. In the spirit of no waste, we will be rolling it out as we sell out of our past blend, described below. Expect to receive either blend as we make this transition.*

Our custom-mixed, 'Standard' All-Purpose flour is a combination* of TAM 105 and Crawford (soft red wheat), sifted to ‘00’ and blended for the perfect combination of flavor, structure, and tenderness in cookies, cakes, rolls and pies.

Try it in our RECIPES:

Fluffy Dinner Rolls

Cast Iron Cornbread

Italian Lemon Custard Tart

Rye Sandwich Loaf

French Cheese Puffs

Brown Sugar Peach Crumble

Classic Chocolate Cake 

Customer Reviews

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Claire Armstrong
Enjoying the real taste of wheat.

This flour brings the subtle taste of the natural grain to any thing you bake. It’s not just a flavorless thickener.

Debrah Hurt
AP Perfect

Great all purpose flour. I’ve used it in breads and pie crusts but never by itself, always in combination with other flours. It also makes a great sourdough starter!

Greg Bojko
Greg B

Did some baking with it and it turned out better than expected ! Will be ordering again.

Also, I was surprised how fast I received it. I am in Wisconsin and your in Texas, GREAT JOB!

No Allergies!!!

I haven’t eaten anything with gluten in years, but this was recommended to me, and it’s life-changing! I’m so so excited to be able to make myself delicious, fluffy breads again. Thank you!

wonderful product to use

As are all your flours

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Whole Berry Bundle
April Soncrant

I am a new owner of a mill and am milling my own flour for the first time. This is so much fun, and the Barton Springs grains are just wonderful. Everything about my order was great, from the customer service, quick shipping, excellent notifications, right to the product itself. Fresh and flavorful. I am very pleased.

Sonora Wheat Berries
Amy Oldham
Beautiful and Delicious

I use the Sonora Wheat Berries for all my non-yeast baking. Muffins, pancakes and more. I love the golden color and flavor of this wheat. My order was packaged well and the wheat is very clean and ready to mill.

Einkorn Flour
John G. Zulager
Einkorn Flour

Made Einkorn Flour and White Cornmeal pancakes. Great taste. To hot to bake anything this time of year. Trying some grits for evening meal, topped with eggs. Thank you for service and answering questions about grind on corn.


I love spelt, especially Barton Springs’ spelt. It is very clean, and they ship it so fast. I made banana bread recently, and knowing that spelt is a complete protein, along with fruit, nuts, butter and eggs, you’ve got all the food groups in a delicious slice.

Emmer Flour
Scott Ausburn
Great flavor

I used this flour to make pancakes and the turned out great : )