Stone-Milled All-Purpose Flour (certified organic)


New to stone-milled flour? This is the perfect place to start. Use this in place of All-Purpose flour in ANY recipe.

Our custom-mixed, 'Standard' All-Purpose flour is a combination of TAM 105 (hard red winter wheat) and Mediterranean (soft red winter wheat), sifted to ‘00’ and blended for the perfect combination of flavor, structure, and tenderness in cookies, cakes, rolls and pies. 

Try it in our RECIPES:

Fluffy Dinner Rolls

Cast Iron Cornbread

Italian Lemon Custard Tart

Rye Sandwich Loaf

French Cheese Puffs

Brown Sugar Peach Crumble

Classic Chocolate Cake 

Customer Reviews

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Antonia Decrescenzi
All Purpose Flour

Excellent flour. There is an incredible difference in flavor and texture when you use a fresh milled flour. A loave of bread right out of the oven smells absolutely wonderful I’ve been baking bread for over 30 years and just used the flour from the grocery store. Yuck. But there has never been other options until recently. I will continue to always buy my flour from Barton Springs. PS. Don’t try to go through TSA will bags of flour. Sets of the alarms and then you get searched.


This flour has been a wonderful gift! I can eat bread again without spiking my glucose or becoming bloated! Quality really matters!

Katherine L
Very good product

I used this flour in a cake I made and it was so good! I also used it in a loaf of bread mixed with a whole grain flour from same mill and it had such a good flavor I will never buy flour from the grocery store again!

Jennifer Arnold

We absolute love the product.

Gulf Coast Baker
What a difference a flour makes!

You can feel a difference just by mixing the flour into your recipe. So much softer and fuller. I love it! Makes me a better baker.