NEW! Stone-Milled All-Purpose Flour - Premium Blend (Certified Organic)


New to stone-milled flour? This is the perfect place to start. Use this 1:1 as flour in ANY recipe and you will taste the difference.

Our custom-mixed, Premium All-Purpose flour is a combination of Red Fife and Sonora, sifted to ‘00’ and blended for the perfect combination of flavor, structure, and tenderness in cookies, cakes, and pies.

Try it in our RECIPES:

Fluffy Dinner Rolls

Cast Iron Cornbread

Italian Lemon Custard Tart

Rye Sandwich Loaf

French Cheese Puffs

Brown Sugar Peach Crumble

Classic Chocolate Cake

Customer Reviews

Based on 329 reviews
Adam S

It's awesome to find a company who does flour that has good organic flour. Having Crohn's/IBD makes it hard to find flour that doesn't cause digestive distress that is largely due to growing techniques implemented by standard commercial practices. So far all of these products have been top notch.

Charlotte Richard
Flour Power

Love the flour

Carmen Guerra
Best Flour Ever!

This is by far THE BEST flour for making bread. I’m making a loaf a week, maybe more, for friends, and I always get great compliments. Thank you!

Jana Rinehart
Fabulous APF

I made the best sourdough pancakes I have ever eaten!!! I used the Premium All Purpose Flour. I will never use store bought flour again.

Lyne Bradley
Wonderful flours

I don’t think I will ever use grocery store flour for my baked goods ever again! In my first week with BSM flours, I have made crispy baguettes, pillowy cinnamon rolls, fluffy dinner rolls, sumptuous banana bread and a new sourdough starter. All of them were the best I’ve ever made - nothing compares to cooking with fresh flour. BSM shipped quickly and the products have exceeded my expectations!