Purple Straw Flour (certified organic)

A Barton Springs Mill Exclusive.
This Colonial Era wheat hasn’t been tasted in over 50 years and we’ve worked hard to revive it for you!

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This Colonial Era honeyed wheat is most applicable in delicate situations where you want a soft and fluffy texture and don't need too much structure. Expect subtle notes of honey! Learn more about it in this video.
  • Class:Soft Red Winter Wheat
  • Grown in: Tokio, TX by Henry Martens
  • This is a Heritage grain.  Learn more.
  • Available types: Whole Wheat Flour  Learn more.
  • Protein:  13.2% (Protein percentage is not indicative of soft wheat's baking performance)  Learn more.
  • Flavor profile: Honeyed
  • We love it in: Cakes, Cookies, Flatbreads, Muffins, Pastries, Pancakes, Pie Crust, Quick Breads, Tortillas
Remember! You don't need a special recipe. You can use stone-milled flours in any recipe. If you find the outcome a bit dry, don't be afraid to increase the liquid in your recipe. Our flours are thirsty!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 19 reviews
    Raed Wulf
    Purple Straw Flour

    I bought a number of different flours from Barton Springs Mill recently. So far the only one I've tried is the Purple Straw flour. I made a milk loaf (my own recipe) with it in a quality bread-maker. The Purple Straw flour was 150 grams, the organic bread flour was 150 grams, the semolina was 200 grams. There was 450 grams of milk and other ingredients, only a half teaspoon of yeast. It came out beautifully, it may be the best loaf I've produced recently. The crumb is nice and moist, it rose to perfection. Taste? Wonderful! I'm delighted with this and previous products that I've bought from Barton Springs Mill.

    Leslie Strange
    Delicious Oatmeal Cookies

    I included the Purple Straw flour in my bundle because of wanting to use a Colonial Era flour; and along with the Tam flour, produced the delicious oatmeal cookies from the BSM website. Interested in using it solo for something, so will do so in the near future!

    Trevor Fowler
    Funky, new product

    I am making my own sourdough starter and this flower is something new to me and it is something I expect to be using into the future! Give it a try!

    Erik Fredrickson
    If only it were purple!

    Okay, the title is a joke -- I did not expect this flour to actually have a purple hue. But this is an excellent whole wheat flour and has been an excellent addition to my bakes. I have added it in pretty generous quantities to my breads to great success. Even tried it out in my pie dough and was quite pleased with the added flavor and retained delicate texture. Adds the earthy, whole-wheat flavor you expect without the bitterness and coarse/chalkiness you get from off-the-shelf whole wheat flours.

    Leigh Harvey
    LOVE this Purple Straw Flour

    Used this flour in combination with AP flour for pie crusts for 4 pies for Thanksgiving. Absolutely wonderful. Flaky tender and superb flavor. My husband never notices the crust but immediately noticed something different in the pies this year. He said this crust is great! What’s different? I can’t wait to make him biscuits with this flour.