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Good, old-fashioned yellow corn. This open-pollinated corn is a staple in any kitchen. Golden yellow and bursting with the flavor of sweet corn.
  • Grown in:Amarillo, TX & San Jon, NM by Farmers Leo and Zach Thrasher
  • This is Open-Pollinated corn.
  • Available types: Whole Kernel*, Cornmeal, Grits, Polenta
  • Flavor profile: Sweet, fresh corn flavor

Hopi Blue

Precursors of this strain of flint corn have been raised continuously for 800 years on the mesas of northern Arizona. Hopi Blue Corn was used by the Hopis to make ceremonial Piki Bread. It lends a bright and bold blue-purple hue when cooked or baked.
  • Grown in: Rockdale, TX by Farmer Jim Richardson
  • This is Heirloom corn.
  • Available types: Whole Kernel*, Cornmeal, Grits, Polenta
  • Flavor profile:  Sweet classic corn flavor

      *Whole Kernels are NOT already nixtamalized and NOT suitable for popping. All of our corn is non-GMO. 
      Our whole wheat and rye berries and corn kernels are natural agricultural products. We rigorously clean and inspect every product, but removing all foreign material is impossible. Please inspect your grain prior to cooking or milling. 

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 3 reviews
        Wow! So good!!

        I received my order of white dent corn yesterday, used my Vitamix with the dry container to grind it into grits and cooked it like I usually cook store-bought non-GMO grits in boiling salted water, adding butter and a big splash of organic heavy cream at the end. SUPER creamy and tasted so fresh…I’m hooked!!

        Charles Esgro
        Yellow Corn meal

        I have ordered the blue cornmeal before and we love it but I decided to try the yellow to compare it to other standard cornmeal. It tastes delicious. I make my cornbread with only water, olive oil, eggs, salt, baking soda and a little vinegar so the taste of the corn is critical to how much we like it. The Bloody Butcher cornmeal will be the next.

        Shalmir Nichols
        Real Yellow Grits

        My son-in-law was having trouble finding yellow grits. When I saw that you had them, I sent some to him. He was delighted to receive them. Thank you for your dedication to quality products.