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Rouge de Bordeaux Wheat Berries

Our Rouge de Bordeaux berries are CONVENTIONAL (non-organic) until our new crop is harvested June/July 2023. These berries were grown on land that has not been certified organic, but were produced without the use of any chemicals.

Click here to learn how to cook and sprout whole berries.

This 19th century wheat was the favorite of French bakers for generations. Breads from Rouge de Bordeaux have a rich, nutty flavor with aromas of cinnamon and baking spice. It can be used as bread flour in any recipe.

  • Class: Hard Red Winter Wheat
  • Grown in: Valley City, ND by Farmer Mark Leppert
  • This is a Heritage, Landrace grain.  Learn more.


  • Available types: Whole Berry, Whole Wheat Flour‘00’ Flour  What is ’00’?
  • Protein: 15.25%
  • Flavor profile: Nutty and earthy with subtle notes of cinnamon and baking spice
  • We love it in: Artisan Hearth Breads, Brownies, Cookies, Crackers, Muffins, Pizza, Pretzels, Yeasted Rolls and Breads

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews
    Love these

    Nice wheat berries thank you

    RP Navarro
    Great bread flour

    I mill these berries for whole grain or high extraction bread flour. Rouge de Bordeaux adds depth and a wonderful, unique aroma and taste. I use in all naturally-leavened, artisan bread, which is about all I make.


    I use about 40% sifted, freshly milled Rouge de Bordeaux when I mix my sourdough (Tartine country bread recipe- about 78-80% hydration) and it is delicious! The flavor is awesome and the crumb stays open and airy. I usually throw the sifted off germ and bran into the freezer for when I make Irish brown bread, which also turns out wonderfully. I have reordered this variety multiple times because it is a family favorite.

    Emmanuele Salvati

    Rouge de Bordeaux Wheat Berries

    Becky Fuller
    Excited about trying them

    I haven't had a chance to use them yet. I am excited about trying them this weekend.