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Beautiful, clean and tasty Einkorn

I love Einkorn, but find it a little different to use for bread. I have an Einkorn cookbook which helps, but this time I made something different. I used my sourdough discard and made einkorn crackers with the discard and freshly ground einkorn flour. Actually I’ve made them twice, and I have to say they are simply the best crackers I’ve ever eaten. I think the recipe was from a large flour company in the northeast in case anyone wants to try. Einkorn is the only grain to never be modified in any way, is super nutritious and many people with gluten problems can eat it. Barton Springs Mill has lovely and delicious grain and you can either buy the flour, or grind it fresh as I do. They ship extremely fast and everything I buy is top quality.

I love this flour. The feel of it, the color, and the taste. I make baking powder biscuits several times a week. And all types of bread (not sourdough) Thank you.

I use in my sourdough and love the flavor

New to me but going to use to refresh my sourdough starter and in my bread.

Love this flour in my sourdough!

Great grain!

Very clean grain!!!! Wish I lived closer so I could pick up only downside is price of shipping now days. Love their grain!

Einkorn Berries (certified organic)

Made a great gift!

A great gift for bakers!


Great n whole wheat blueberry scones. It is light in texture. You wouldn’t know they were made with whole wheat!

Wrens Abruzzi Rye Flour (certified organic)

I love this corn meal

Tender, finely ground, pretty color. Made terrific corn bread. I used no flour. I used organic whole milk yogurt, not butter milk.

Was a little gritty…

Texture not great for bread.

Sorry to hear, Joyce. We would love to help troubleshoot your recipie so you can make the bread of your dreams! Feel free to reach out to

Wonderful Einkorn

Einkorn makes the most delicious breads, pancakes and waffles. We love this product.

All Purpose Flour

My go-to for baking- used for breads, cakes and other doughs. Thank you BSM!


Stardust has such a lovely, creamy taste. It mixes beautifully with a more strongly flavored red wheat, like Rouge de Bordeaux. It’s been a nice recent discovery!

Perfect for pizza dough

This flour made the perfect dough for my pizza oven!

Great class but the baguette was burnt and the flavor wasn't that great

I super enjoyed the class. I want to express my deep gratitude for the fact that I was allowed to participate when a few folks didn't show up. The instructor was very good, educational and entertaining. I definitely would take another class by the same instructor. The facilities are nice comfortable and clean. But I do want to say this is the second class I've taken where the product was actually burnt. The bottom of the bread was just a little too done, when I brought it home my husband noticed it also. The particular flower mix for the baguette also made it come out tasting different than I would expect from a French bread. That may have been my mistake but I was under the impression it was going to be a French baguette. Not a big deal. But I do wish the bake would not be burnt next time. I love the flours and I love the classes.

Yecora Rojo

IYecora Rojo - I made banana nut bread with YR and it was delicious! I will try the new Stardust for my sour dough.

Yecora Rojo Wheat Berries

Spouting some for my wheat bread made with the same flour.

Authentic English Muffins & Scones with Katya

I can not say enough GREAT things about our instructor - Katya knows her stuff! And her passion for cooking shines through. She is patient and extremely helpful. She was also very gracious to answer all of our questions. I also really enjoyed the tour of the milling facility. It's all very impressive! THANK YOU BSM and THANK YOU to Katya!

Solid flour for bread and other baking

This is an excellent flour. I got the '00' and I've mostly been using it in my bread making, and in a few other recipes here and there. It has a light, malty sweetness that I quite like, and builds up strength quickly during stretch-and-folds or kneading. I've been very happy with the end products thus far!

This flour is my go to wheat flour for almost every loaf of bread that I bake . It’s DELICIOUS. And it has the strength to push my loaves of bread up and out to big crusty delicious loaves that my family eat with abandon .
I’ve also been feeding my sourdough mother with it and it makes a tangy , fragrant levain .
My bread is so flavorful thanks to this flour . Seriously the best .

I haven’t used this exclusively in my bread , but mixed with other flours it produced a great loaf of bread .

I’ve made some great sourdough boules with this . Mixed with their Rouge de Bordeaux flour I get a decent oven spring on my loaves and it’s got such a delicious nutty flavor .

I’m fairly new to bread baking , but I have jumped in with everything I’ve got and with the help of “The Rye Baker” book and this rye I have turned out some incredible authentic rye breads . This is DELICIOUS.