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Whole Corn Kernels
Joan Dudley
Arrived on time in good condition

I haven’t used it yet, but it looks great—nice and clean.

Great product, don’t love the packaging

Title says it all. Really can’t go wrong with the grains Barton Springs offers. However I’m not the biggest fan of the paper bags they come in. They just feel kind of flimsy, like to the point where I’m almost concerned the bag will break. I recommend moving them to another container. Great wheat berries tho!

Einkorn Flour
Priya Kalpathy
Stone ground flour from Barton Springs Mill makes amazing sourdough bread

I purchased several stone ground heritage grain flour from Barton Springs Mill and tried multiple Ken Forkish bread loaf recipes , from his black bread to an emmer loaf. The breads turned out amazing and I know the flour made all the difference. I have plenty more loaves to make and I’m truly happy having my stash of flour from Barton Springs mill. I highly recommend giving these heritage grains a try. A very happy customer from Texas - who is delighted to purchase local .

Einkorn Berries
Summer McCourtney
Goodness gracious, what a blessing!

So grateful for the ability to purchase Einkorn berries, a true super food. I use a Wonder Mill for grinding, and make fresh baked goods on a nearly daily basis. Thanks, Barton Springs Mill.

Rice Flour
Gloria Bain
Very fine

It does the job I needed it for ❗

Wheat Bran
great bran

My mom keeps making bran muffins with this and everyone is loving them! I think you get a lot of product for a great price and shipping was fast (at least within Texas). We'll be stocking up on more soon!

Big Country Flour
Jennifer Dendy

SO very happy to have found this company!
Great Texan products!!

Second Order — Still Fantastic

I love this stuff. It has a wonderful flavor and cooks up into a delightfully creamy bowl of comfort.

Bulk Yecora Rojo Flour
Roger Shoemaker
First Time Using with Great Results

This is my first time using the Yecora Rojo Flour and just used in a new sourdough recipe with a fantastic and a very tasty result ! Highly recommend for artisanal breads and great customer service and shipping.

Mild Flavored - Excellent Alone or Mixed

I really like these wheat berries. I've combined them with other freshly milled flours to make the lightest-tasting sourdough whole wheat pan loaf I've ever made (in 10+years) and tried them out by themselves in the BSM pancake recipe where they had a lovely sweet, mild wheat flavor. I will purchase these again.

Rouge de Bordeaux

Awesome bread 100% Rouge de Bordeaux whole wheat 1 hour samwhich bread .

Sonora Wheat Berries
Laura Fleming
All well!

All of the berries I purchase from you guys are great. I would like to see where i could order bulk at a lesser price. A thought! You guys have been great!

Yecora Rojo Flour
Daniel Ledbetter
Excellent for Neapolitan pizza

Excellent for Neapolitan pizza. Mild flavor and great to work with

Oberkülmer Spelt Berries
Cindy Frederick

I’ve tried other brands and nothing compares. The spelt from Barton Springs Mill makes the most delicious bread, pancakes and many other things. There’s just an incredible flavor that is soothing to the taste buds.

Good rice

I think this rice is special and has some nice qualities. One of the 5lb bags was ripped in transit and spilled everywhere when I opened the box.

Great tasting flour

I’ve been using this for sourdough, using the method described in the video on this site, but with a tweaked variation of the Tartine “complet” recipe: 70% water, 20% leaven, 30% ’00’ RdB, 70% WW RdB, 2% salt. Fantastic results.

Wheat Bran
Michael Corrigan
Wheat bran

Very good. Glad that the bran is very finely ground

Ryman Rye Berries
Sharon Gorospe

Awesome and timely service. Thanks

JANUARY 29, 2023: Intro to Baguettes
Katherine Collins

Great class!

TAM 105 Flour
Donna C-S
Yummy with all my Baking

I’m really enjoying using this flour, as well as all the other whole berries I bought and milled, with my pancakes, muffins, sourdough breads, and more!

Danko Rye Berries
Sandy S.
Danko Rye

Love using Danko Rye for my sourdough starter

Haven’t used it yet.

Marquis Flour
Baker Man Southern Oregon
Marquis . . .The Loaf

As recommended on the loaf recipe, the Marquis performed well. Excellent taste, as always…and texture too. Neighbors happy too! Very pleased with the results…more recipes to follow. Thanks Barton Springs

Never received

I never received the flour!

A Great Inside View!

Brought the family here and learned so much. A small operation, but so well run. The tour was informative and Kimberly was so enthusiastic about educating everyone. She shared her passion for her work and it showed. Will definitely go back for a class soon.