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Customer Reviews For Barton Springs Mill

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My favorite BSM Whearberry

I use Big Country for lots of recipes as well as for fillers such as in meatloaf, and breading for fried chicken, okra, etc. It's my go-to wheat berry.

Organic corn (variety)

I purchased a few different varieties of corn to make tortillas/tortilla chips as well as masa. To date I haven’t used each product however, I can say this, each came to my door very clean and frankly, beautiful. I have storage jars displaying the varieties of yellow, Hopi blue as well as the green corn. I can’t wait to work with each

The best

Great flavor and extensibility. Makes great hamburger buns and sandwich bread. Never disappoints me, that James, he and his krack team rock.

Excellent Flavor

Excellent Flavor, and I’m increasing the rye ratio in the breads I bake

Tasty Spelt

I’m a new at this , baking 1x a week. I’m slowly adding more Spelt snd less regular wheat . The last batch got great reviews from a friend who could taste the richness in flavor better. I’ll keep using more Spelt each time until I can replace all the regular wheat, if that will work.

Delicious organic Grits

My only complaint is that you don't sell them in Santa Fe, like at Natural Grocers or another health foods store.

MAY 28, 2023: Intro to Baguettes
Devin-Jean McCormack
Baguette making class

Started with a blueberry scone and a ham and cheese croissant and iced tea from Abbie Jane then I was ready (front row ready) for class- the time flew by and I felt like a star student! Tyler and Kimberly were a great balance and the snacks were a great pick me up!

Best Flour for Sourdough!

I am so glad I researched and read about each one of the particular flours (berries) you sell and which ones work best with certain baked items. The Blonde Einkorn beat the other type of flours I was using by far. Our sourdough breads are easy to stretch, rise and taste amazing!

Great flour makes for great sourdough!

I’ve been experimenting with flours from local and out of state mills for the last several months. I read a review about Butler’s Gold and had to try it. I purchased the 00 flour because I was looking for a flour that would make for a soft and just the right amount of chew in the crumb and Butler’s Gold delivers. I share a lot of sourdough and the loaves I’ve made recently with Butler’s Gold have been raved about. People want to know where to buy my sourdough. I’ll have to refer them to the flour source because great flour makes for great sourdough!

Wonderful Flour

I love this flour! Made wonderful bread with great flavor. Takes longer to rise but worth the wait. Have told several friends about it. Wish I had known this was available years ago!!!

Love it!!

I love your polenta. Thank you for your suggestion to soak it and skim off stuff that rises to the surface. That made it even better.

Rye flour

This flour gives excellent taste to my sourdough bread. Highly recommended.


Blue grits! Yummy☺️


I love this rice flour! Very tasty I like to make flat bread and pancakes!

Love this

I use it as a substitute for wheat in my rye bread recipe

Best for everything

Great products with unmatched flavor for all baking needs. Personal care and great customer service is an added bonus with Barton Springs Mill.

Bulk Whole Berries
Arianne Ball

My goodness, I haven’t gotten any product from barton springs that I dont LOVE! They are so quick with shipping and awesome customer service :)

Give Butler’s Gold a try!

While using Butler’s Gold in my sourdough loaves over the last several weeks, we have found it to be mild, nutty with a hint of sweetness while producing a fabulous dough quality and texture. As Barton Springs Mill notes, it is a bit “thirsty” at the moment and frequently requires hydrations of 75% plus for regular loaves and 85-90% if you are using a wheat berry soaker. It is definitely a “keeper” to put in your regular rotation.

With the cost of shipping it’s war to expensive. You need to find a new way. Am 77 years old. Loved whole kernel mill. Long time since had. Wish it was a little courser. To fine as remember

Fed my starter (in fridge not fed since 3/30/23) at 5/19/23 5:00pm 1:.5:.5

Next morning 8:42am I created a "test rise" jar w TAM 105. I fed it 1:1:1. In 12 hours it more than doubled. By the next morning it had fallen but it had risen to 3-3 1/2 times during the night. Made Crumpets w twice fed discard-delicious.

Awesome flour

This flour has incredible taste and flavor. Make a great sourdough loaf. Highly recommended

Great flavor in rustic bread!

This wheat makes a great tasting lighter colored wheat bread.

excellent flavor!

Rouge de Bordeaux Flour
Great Sour Dough flaour

This is my second order of Rouge de Bordeaux and I absolutely love it. I buy the whole berries and then mill them as needed. I usually make sourdough with a 72% hydration and 50% Rouge de Bordeaux and 40% white high-protein flour with 10% milled rye. The outcome is simply spectacular. It's got a nutty flavor and a great crumb. It bakes up beautifully.

Lovely flavor and better crumb

I am an inexperienced baker but I have one bread recipe that works. When I switched to this grain it gave the bread a more nuanced and deep flavor and the crumb was superior. I am well satisfied with this grain.