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Great flour

So far, I have used it 50/50 with bread flour to feed my starter. Makes great pizza dough with the starter. So far, so good.


Flour is delicious and easy to work with.

Delicious flavor!

Hands down one of the best flours I’ve had and works perfectly for my sourdough recipes

This is a very thirsty flour with a copper color, rich flavor, hints of cinnamon and apples


The flour I purchased definitely exceeded my expectations for flavor. I will definitely be purchasing from Barton The flour I purchased definitely exceeded my expectations for flavor. I will definitely be purchasing from Barton Springs Mill in the future.Springs Mill in the future.

I was disappionted that the stone mill all purpose flour didn't have more character and flavor.

Perfect loaf of bread

My very first time making bread from wheat berries that I milled into flour myself! Used my neighbor’s organic honey and, voila, a perfect loaf. The wheat berries made beautiful flour, the loaf rose beautifully and was delicious!

Stardust Wheat Berries are amazing

My new favorite. It has a mold but flavorful clean taste and I’ve made some of my favorite sourdoughs with them!


I loved the rich full flavor of this red wheat in sourdough bread. It's very forgiving and easy to work with in a bread dough; I've been using it at 40% Quanah/60% bread flour. The threshing/winnowing wasn't great, though, there were a few berries still in their husks and multiple pieces of stem. Even so I will get more Quanah when it's available again

Loved the class, the pizza dough was really delicious.


I feel like the work being done there is important for the state and community. It’s beneficial for people to know how flour gets to the supermarkets and how many additives they include to make items shelf stable. After all knowledge is power.

That can only be achieved through people like you in communities. Experience was great, Kimberly was also exceptional. Give her a raise!


Great flavor and easy to work with. And we know where it came from and how it was milled.

Great, informative class… fun night!!!

Instruction on making pizza dough was fantastic! The facilities tour Kim gave us was amazingly interesting. Also makes a bunch of sense to understand the journey of wheat from the seed to delicious pizza. Whole thing was great. Great job by owners of Prometheus Pizza from Fredricksburg, TX!!!

Rouge de Bordeaux Flour
Enrique Ferreyros

Rouge de Bordeaux Flour

Excellent Flour

I received two bags of your flour and loved them both. I find that it is very easy to use the flour and, am so happy to think that it has not been sprayed with harmful substances. The only con is the amount of the shipping. I wish that you had free shipping if we spent a certain amount.

The last batch?

I was happy to receive my shipment of buckwheat flour, but terribly disappointed to hear that it may be the last batch. I hope the Barton Springs Mill will reconsider, and continue to plant, harvest, and mill this most excellent flour.

I enjoy fixing grits for breakfast. Delicious.

Not as good as the last Polenta I purchased from Barton Springs Mill

This polenta is not nearly as finely ground as the last time I purchased it. The Oaxacan Green Polenta is not green either, like the last purchase. The last bag had a beautiful green color to it and a very nice, fine grind. I wish I could attach a picture of the two side by side. Honestly, I wonder if they accidentally put the wrong thing in the bags marked 'Oaxacan Green Polenta'.

Very yummy grits

Simply the Best Rye for Bread

This is my favorite rye for baking bread. The texture, flavor, and quality are superb. This includes breads that are all or nearly all rye on down to breads where rye is a fairly minimal component.

Good for pasta too

This mills fine on a Mockmill KitchenAid attachment. I sifted out the bran and re-milled the bran before making pasta dough. I normally use 200g AP or 00 flour to 105g eggs. With 200g of this flour, I recommend increasing the liquid portion to at least 110g or 115g of eggs. Definitely let the pasta dough rest for at least 20-30 minutes before rolling it out; it needs that time to fully absorb the moisture. The flavor is richer and nuttier than store-bought whole wheat pasta. Worth it and I can't wait to test the others.

Spelt Berries (certified organic)


The grains are always SO fresh and distinct in flavor.

never tasted any better

I made muffins with this flour they turned out great

Cinnamon Note - Yecora Rojo

I have used over a dozen bags of Yecora Rojo Flour for making bread. My most recent bag had a cinnamon note. When I was mixing the levain, I got a whiff of an odor, I have not smelled in my levain. I went over and got my container of flour out of the pantry, and smelled the flour, and sure enough, that is where it came from. The finished bread was outstanding, and scent was very subdued. Must be some of the freshest Yecora Rojo I have used.